We’ve Added Video To Our Marketing Mix…

This week, I thought I’d take a little break from the “how to” blogs, as we are able to launch our new Forestrall Timber and Fencing promotional video on the world!

Why have we decided to create this video you may ask?

Video usage is growing dramatically, with YouTube now the second largest search engine behind Google.  As such, businesses shouldn’t neglect video as a viable marketing channel. Video allows businesses to create and share content with their audience in a way that text can’t compete with. People love videos because they don’t always have the patience or time to read through a lengthy company biog or list of products. Many people would rather opt to watch a video that tells them more than words possibly could.

Video production shouldn’t be perceived as an instant money making scheme, but, as with any social media strategy, businesses should use video marketing as a tactic to improve engagement with their target audience, click-throughs and traffic to their website.

Studies have shown that including video in emails increases open rates by nearly 6% and click-through-rates by 96% in comparison to emails that didn’t contain videos.

With the first Forestrall video, we want to share the on site experience with our customers.  Many people now shop online, and that’s even possible when purchasing timber, via TimberClick and QDeck, so customers lose the opportunity to actually see and feel the products in person.  We wanted to create a video that allows our audience to know who they are dealing with, how we operate and what we can offer.

At Forestrall we believe in the power of social media as part of our marketing mix and we hope that video will become an integral part of our ongoing strategy.  We have shared our video on our Facebook and Twitter accounts; as you can see we are incorporating it into our blog posts; and we will include it in our next email newsletter.  We hope that our video complements our overall marketing strategy and will keep consumer engagement high.

Whilst we understand that video marketing is not a one-stop solution to fame and fortune, the power of video is undeniable.

The key to the success of this video and essential in the planning of future videos is feedback… We’d welcome your feedback on our video, whether positive or negative.  Is it engaging?  Is it informative?  Please do let us know.

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