What more can you expect from a Timber & Fencing Merchants…

Timber is our day to day business, and yes we see many industry professionals from fencing contractors to carpenters to building contractors throughout our working day.  We also see DIY enthusiasts and the general public who have projects to complete at home however it’s not all MDF, softwood and hardwood supplies day in, day out…

Forestrall Timber and Fencing Merchants also supply a wide range of exciting structures that can make a real difference to your home environment, and we’re not just talking sheds!

Cottage Apex ShedWe do sell a wide range of sheds, some available in stock and others on a three to four week delivery lead time and all the sheds in our brochure can be made to any specification within reason. We can have pretty much ANY shed made out of ANY timber (e,g, cedar, micro-porous), so don’t be afraid to create / design your perfect “man cave” and bring it to us – we now how important it is that YOUR shed meets YOUR requirements.


Don’t worry if you’re not sure that you know what you need to know! When we take an order, we will ask the following questions in order for us to provide the correct price and build correctly:

Shed size / With or without windows / Door location / Sufficient level base in place / Obstructions to overcome when delivering the building (panels can be built smaller to go through a house) / Specific locks etc.

Garden Shed Dual Grow Shed GreenhouseIf you’re looking for a shed with a little something more, what about a Dual Grow Shed Greenhouse & Storage? A stable style door, separate opening window and front bench all come as standard with the dual potting shed. A fantastic way to launch yourself into the modern trend of growing your own produce.

However, we said this wasn’t all about sheds….

Why not consider the more family friendly option, and make the neighbours jealous, with a log cabin style summerhouse?  This is now an affordable way to add extra space to your property or simply to enjoy quality time in an area away from the day to day household chores.

Lincoln SummerhouseForestrall offer a range of summerhouses, from just over 3 square metres of internal space through to over 10 metres of internal space.  You can opt for double doors, a verandah, a roof canopy, one window, two windows….  There are plenty of choices to suit all tastes and this really is a fabulous way to create an oasis of calm in your garden.


If you don’t have the space for a summerhouse, then what about something just for the Birchcroft Playhousesmall people in your life?  A playhouse!  Playhouses can be single storey or two storey and are what we all dreamed of as children. Offering from just over 2 square metres of space through to just less than 6 square metres of space, a playhouse is the perfect toy storage space and den of fun! We think a playhouse could be the most perfect Christmas present…


If not something for the children, then perhaps something for a pet?  We also have a range of dog kennels and runs, suitable for puppies through to large breeds. We have structures suitable for being either a hen house or cattery, complete with a run.Laughton Cattery / Hen House

I hope that this blog has enlightened you a little more about what we have to offer at Forestrall Timber and Fencing Merchants.  Do give us a call on 01474 833096 or e-mail on sales@forestrall.co.uk  If you’re in the area, heading to Bluewater maybe, then do stop by at the yard as we’re only five minutes away from the shopping centre.












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