Time to tell you a little more about our marketing…

A while back, as a company Forestrall Timber and Fencing Merchants evaluated our marketing strategy and decided that marketing was key to growing our customer base and building our business.

We had already achieved a loyal band of customers through good service and consistent quality, which we felt was a great achievement. However, we knew that in the current economic climate there is no room for complacency. We have to keep working at customer relationships, both existing and new customers.

Creating a successful and on-going relationship with customers is a key accomplishment for any business. We hope that it indicates that we know their needs better than anyone and our customers know they can rely on us to give them what they want.

We believe that listening to what our customers need and accurately responding is the key to our success – there’s no doubt that the better a company serves its customers, the more success it’s going to welcome through the doors.

In order to cast our net wider, we have moved towards the modern forms of marketing – social media, video and blogging. We hope that this will allow us to engage with a wider audience, who in turn will be interested in our products and services.


Some businesses are for Facebook, and others are against. We felt that as our customers are a mix of businesses and individuals, Facebook would give us the opportunity to reach those people that perhaps have a more personal need for timber and fencing products – the DIY enthusiasts and perhaps the smaller, one man band businesses that don’t themselves use any other form of social media.

There are some pretty compelling reasons why we felt we should include Facebook as part of our marketing strategy:

65% of Facebook users are 25 and older. 40% of Facebook users are over 35. The fastest growing demographic continues to be 55+.

Facebook is the most used social media platform with over 900 million users worldwide so we are convinced that our current and future customers will be on Facebook. Over 800,000 local businesses have created a Facebook page and are engaging their old and new customers daily, so we didn’t want our competitors to be ahead of us.

Facebook gives us the opportunity to interact and communicate directly with our customers on a daily basis. We share videos, share and upload pictures, link to our website and get our customers talking about our business. Our aim is that this is then shared virally with all of our customers friends bringing us brand new customers and reviving lapsed ones.

Facebook also helps our online rankings in getting the company found online by potential new customers.


We believe that Twitter is the smartest new way to promote, connect and brand a company. The power of using twitter for business is captured in this quote from Twitter themselves:-
Twitter quote

We feel it’s essential as we are able to connect with our customers, as they themselves are using Twitter. It has become a daily routine where people log on to Twitter every day, often periodically throughout the day. Twitter is fabulous for receiving feedback from satisfied customers and sharing that feedback with other, potentially new customers.

One of the key reasons for us to use Twitter was that we get to market our products and services to more people and the best part about that is its FREE. We can maintain a consistent message and update customers on a regular basis. Naturally we hope that Twitter will help us increase sales and profitability but initially we believe that its essential for building awareness and raising our profile.

LinkedIn logoLinkedIn

LinkedIn is not the biggest or most talked about form of social media, however for a business that sells to other businesses, it is an effective means of connecting with people who mean business and generating leads. A study conducted by Hubspot earlier this year suggested that LinkedIn is 277% more effective for lead generation than Facebook and Twitter.

While those numbers were taken from Hubspots own user base, experience does suggest that the professional decision maker audience are highly likely to be found on LinkedIn and are perhaps prepared to participate in this kind of online networking, which ultimately leads to lasting business relationships.

By networking on LinkedIn we hope that our business is providing value, sharing, helping and informing. We regularly update on industry news, local jobs relevant to our industry, training opportunities and provide what we hope are interesting links. Naturally there is an element of promoting our business and selling but we feel that what we have to say is relevant to our targeted audience, and we receive good feedback from our connections.

We hope that this gives you a bit more of an insight about what we’re doing as a company.  We’d love to hear your comments and we’d love to connect with you on all of our social media profiles, so please do click through on the titles and connect with us.

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