Why are we writing a blog…?

Last week we shared with you a little bit more about our recent changes in marketing strategy and if you’re reading this then you’ll know that in addition to running a variety of social media accounts, we are also writing a weekly blog.

These blogs don’t write themselves, so why, you may ask, do we take time out of our busy schedule week on week to write a blog?

Blogs are now considered a mainstream communication medium for many companies, whether they are targeting a business to business audience or a business to consumer audience. We hope that our blogs will highlight our company as a trusted source of information relating to the timber industry and progressively become more widely read.

Blogs are search engine-friendly and one of the easiest, fastest and least expensive ways to increase the online exposure of our business.

Apparently over a million new blog posts are written every day and according to research 77% of active internet users now read blogs. Over 50% of businesses view blogs as the most useful social media tool. Add this to the reports that 91% of b2b buyers use social media in some form and 58% react to content in social media (including blogs) and we feel that this becomes an essential tool in our overall sales and marketing strategy.

We know that our blogs don’t draw large audiences, but with a narrow industry focus, we hope that they draw a highly targeted readership. We aim to create a blog that provides real value within our industry niche, and by promoting it effectively, we can attract those highly relevant readers, create interaction, and enhance our company’s image by demonstrating our unique expertise.

We do try and keep our blog interesting, whether to the building industry / carpentry / fencing professional or the DIY enthusiast and we hope over the last few months we have shared some insightful content and helpful tips.

Many companies have merged their blog and their e-mail newsletters primarily because growing and maintaining an opt-in e-newsletter list has become more and more difficult over the last few years, for several reasons. First, due to their rapid growth (almost every business now has a company newsletter). Second, due to consideration to the readers overfull in-boxes, largely containing a high volume of spam. Third, and related to the second point, over-zealous spam-blocking programs end up preventing many legitimate marketing emails from reaching recipients, leading to low impact rates, and finally e-mail newsletters are viewed as a lot of work.

We have chosen to continue with our e-mailer as well as our blog, as we believe that the people that have subscribed to our e-mails are in fact looking for very specific information, which we provide on a weekly basis. We consistently update on new products and services, discounted prices and offers. If you would like to subscribe to our weekly e-mailer, please either complete the sign up form on our Facebook page or just drop us an e-mail to sales@forestrall.co.uk

Now that you know a little more about us, next week we will pick back up with writing a little more about our industry and hopefully providing you with some fresh hints and tips. If there is anything specific you’d like to find out about, related to the timber industry, please do let us know and we’ll see what we can come up with for you.

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