Christmas is coming…..

Christmas BackgroundIt’s December now, so we can all freely discuss Christmas without the outcry of it being “too early”…

We face the twofold issue at Christmas – what to buy everyone and then what to do with all the time off work?

Lets deal with the first issue initially..

Gifts. Presents. The things you’ve waited all year for. Is it really like that anymore? In this consumer driven society most people are “see it, want it, buy it” which means there’s very little left to buy anyone at Christmas. No-one seems to spend the year hoping, wishing and waiting for their Christmas present. So, we’ve trawled the internet, on your behalf, to see if we can come up with some unusual presents. Here’s our top three for this Christmas:-

At 3 – a wooden iPhone case. Take a look at the True Wood Series, handmade and rather unique!iWood5-landing

At 2 – the height of fashion this year – a Christmas jumper! There are many out there this year, but our favourite is the Crazy Grandma Christmas Jumper. With a delightful Reindeer pattern, the lucky recipient fullsize_bis sure to look the part this festive season.


Number 1 on our Christmas gift list this year is the Clever Car Cup. This unique mug keeps your drink warm from the comfort of your car. Simply plug it in the cigarette lighter to keep warm. It also fits in car cup holders and comes with a lid to avoid spillages. The perfect gift for the busy man (or woman) on the move!Clever Car Cup


Now, what to do with all that time off.

We know it’s only a week, ten days at the most, but most people tend not to be able to book a “proper holiday” in this time, so it means time spent at home. Time spent at home can be relaxing, feet up, lots of television and lots of food and drink OR it can be time to consider all those little jobs that have been building up throughout the year but you’ve managed to avoid doing at the weekends!

So, our suggestion to you is to make a list! Make it practical and manageable and ensure that only the real priorities are on there. Make sure you give yourself Christmas Day and Boxing Day off completely, and restrict yourself to one “chore” a day; otherwise you won’t feel like you’ve had a break.

Once you have your list of “jobs” together, give us a call at Forestrall and make sure that you have all your materials and supplies purchased before the holidays commence. This will motivate you even further to get the work completed.

Shed in winterWe will be able to help you with all your timber needs, be it indoor jobs or focussing on the garden and outside. Whether its shelves, doors, skirting, stairs or wardrobes – we can help! Decking, fencing, gates and sheds – yes, we can still help!

Call us on 01474 833096 or e-mail us on and we’ll do our best to ensure that your Christmas chores are made as simple as possible by providing you with the best quality materials.

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