Still the build up to Christmas….

freeimage-6271298Last week was our first mention of Christmas, and as we move further and further into December, the excitement builds.

How Gold baubles on christmas treemany people have adhered to the “12 days before, 12 days after” tradition with regard to putting up their Christmas tree and decorations? Does anyone still wait until the 13th of the month?

Despite a year marked by extreme weather, with just about two weeks to go, Christmas tree sales and quality are likely to exceed everyone’s expectations, clearly indicating that trees are already up across the country!

What about your outdoor area? Just a door wreath or the full menagerie of twinkling garden animals, Santa falling out of windows and Merry Christmas signs? Whatever your preference, you may find as you head outdoors to put up your lights, you manage to create more jobs for yourself than initially intended! We ended up washing all the fascia boards and upstairs windows whilst the ladder was out! Over and above that, surveying the garden from such a height brought to mind panels of fencing that need replacing, areas of the garden that could look better perhaps with the addition of some railway sleepers to create a designer garden look, decking that’s seen better days…

Whether you get involved with outside jobs now, or start planning for the spring, do get in touch with Forestrall Timber and Fencing Merchants. We can help you with much of the materials list that you’re likely to create – from the timber itself through to the accessories and the fixings.

You may find yourself in the same predicament in a few weeks, when it’s time for all the cards and the decorations to come down and the house looks somewhat bare. Suddenly thoughts of a revamp enter people’s heads… Decorating a room can provide it with a new lease of life and if you’re going to do a job, we recommend it’s done properly – think about new skirting, think about replacing the doors and the architrave, don’t scrimp on new flooring. If you want the room to look like a whole new room, you won’t get away with just a quick lick of paint!

freeimage-4411264Let’s go back to Christmas though, not skip ahead to the weeks after. It’s two weeks tomorrow, The X Factor final has taken place, I’m A Celebrity is over and done with for another year and the Christmas movies are on, whenever you switch on the TV. Enjoy the period of relaxation, take the time to appreciate your family and friends, overindulge freely…. And if you need to escape, remember, we sell sheds and are open until midday on Christmas Eve!!  You can reach us on 01474 833096 or garden-shed-norfolk-apex-xl

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