Still improving your ground floor area…

Forestrall logoHaving covered the kitchen and the lounge over the last two weeks, we move on to the dining room, for those fortunate enough to enjoy two reception rooms.

Many people have moved towards an open plan kitchen diner, however some still keep their dining room as a separate area and it plays an important part in the social side of family life, bringing together the family freeimage-3833569at mealtimes as well as providing a base to host gatherings and dinner parties.

If you’re just starting your home project and lack confidence in your decorating skills then the dining room is a good room to start with. The basic formula is very simple: table + chairs + light fixture = finished dining room! A rug and any side pieces are optional. Get the table first – figure out the size you need and go from there. As long as your table fits in the room with some space to walk around it, you cannot go wrong.

Ideally, the decor of a dining room should be soothing and unobtrusive. Optimise the use of plain, deep colours to help create an intimate, warm atmosphere. Furnishings should compliment the dining room rather than divert attention so spectacular, over-elaborate paintings or pictures may not be ideal.

freeimage-6211339Once again, lighting is one of most important features of the room and plays an important role in creating the right sort of atmosphere. Dimmer lights and even candles are worth considering, as both can be used very effectively to maintain the correct ambience, according to the mood and event you’re hosting. Creating the right kind of lighting is so important, whether it’s a family party or an intimate dinner for two.

The table is the hub of the dining room and its personal preference whether you choose a round table, a rectangular table or an oval table. Some offer better space for serving dishes, whilst others focus more on guest numbers and being able to interact with everyone around the table. More often than not the space available in your dining room may dictate your style of table, but a gate leg / drop leaf table can be a good solution, which can be folded away when not in use.

Dining chairs usually come as part of a dining set and are designed in proportion to thefreeimage-3636434 table. If you chose to buy separately pay close attention to the chair’s dimensions – seating height is very important. It’s also a good idea to include cushions for dining chairs to ensure the utmost comfort for your guests. You can utilise the upholstery of your chairs to tie in the design with the overall decoration of your room.

Don’t forget that we’re here to assist you with any aspects of your project that we can – whether you’re considering a real wood floor for your dining room, or even taking on the project of building your own dining table. You can contact us by e-mail or on the phone at 01474 833096 or you can download our full pdf price list here.

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