Let’s move into the bedroom…

Forestrall logoSo, we’ve given some consideration to the downstairs areas, and now it’s time to move upstairs. The bedroom is tricky – it’s different things to different people. For some, it’s practical – a space to crash out, no more and no less… For others it’s so much more and needs to be a thing of beauty, an area of calm and an oasis of tranquillity.

As with the other rooms we’ve looked at, the starting point is the same – work out your  Bedroom with green double bed and wooden drawerbudget.  Once you know what you can afford to spend then you will have a better idea of how in-depth you want to go with the project.  Is it just going to be a “refresh” project with a new lick of paint, or are you able to incorporate expenditures like new furniture, carpet, wall and window coverings, and accent pieces. You can make adjustments if you can’t afford to pay for everything you’d like to do all at once – perhaps you can leave the new curtains and furniture for a later date, getting the essentials of the room (walls and floors) renewed as a priority.

freeimage-6668586Then decide on your layout. Will you keep the room arranged the way it is at present or have you decided to rearrange things? Should anything be removed or added? You may have a dressing table you never use, but be in desperate need of bedside lighting?  Consider practicality so that the room does not look too cluttered or too bare.

Deciding on a color scheme for the bedroom is very much down to personal choice.  There is such a huge range and you can either choose to match the colors with other shadings throughout the house, especially the hall and bathroom nearest the bedroom, or you can go wild and make it a room that differentiates itself from the rest of the house – go for bright red boudoir chic, or funky fuchsia, as long as you know it won’t keep you awake at night!

You can use colour and pattern to try to create the required mood for your bedroom. Bring freeimage-6617774the room into full bloom by using a colorful combination of floral patterns, on the walls, window coverings and even bedding.  Vary the scale of the flowers for interest, and stick to a single colour palette for a unified look that’s easy on the eye.  The same principle applies to combining striped, floral, and geometric patterns: Make sure each pattern features the same primary hue to make mixing and matching a success. Select cool or neutral hues to create a room that exudes serenity and calm. Look to bright and warm colours to foster a sense of good cheer, energy, and coziness.

Dress the windows to offer both privacy and style.  Many people like the bedroom to be ultra dark, and look for window coverings that block light in the morning and provide freeimage-4339310privacy at night. In addition to the functional considerations, bedroom window covering choices help set the rooms overall style.  Swagged and gathered drapes spell romantic elegance, whilst blinds are more practical and sophisticated.  Equally, you can layer blinds and draperies to address both functional and decorative needs.

Good lighting is key to a great bedroom.  Use lamps on both sides of a bed to provide soft  lighting for nighttime reading. Floor lamps spread light around the entire room in quite a gentle fashion and overhead, consider a chandelier for the ultimate in romance.  Always connect lights in a bedroom to a dimmer switch to control the intensity and mood.

When you come to add the furnishings to your finished room, consider aesthetics and practicality.  You want a room that encourages you to linger longer in the morning and retire earlier at night so you need to make the space about more than just sleeping. If you have the space, then think about adding chairs, vanity tables, desks and increasing the freeimage-6691329usability of the room.

We hope that once again this blog has been of interest? Whatever projects you’re taking on, whether as a DIY enthusiast or a professional, Forestrall Timber and Fencing Merchants are here to assist you with your internal and external timber requirements. sales@forestrall.co.uk or 01474 833096

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