Fifty shades in the bathroom…..

Forestrall logoThe bathroom is the place where you can release your inner creative! Go wild with colour or create an oasis of calm, the choice is yours…. The colour palette is endless (we’re sure there’s more than 50 shades….!) and you can fit the bathroom design in with the rest of your house or you can make it stand alone and be your one wacky, crazy coloured room.

Bathrooms can look outdated quite quickly, but if you opt for plain tiles and a white suite, then you can continually change the look of the room just by repainting and updating your accessories.A bathroom with stunning views looking out over the township below

First things first with your bathroom – give it a really good clean! I know we all think we do this anyway, but how often do you scrub down the walls, whether painted or tiled? Get rid of unwanted things in your bathroom to assist in improving its looks. Remove expired medicines from the medicine cabinet and throw away the body lotions and bubble bath that you got four years ago for Christmas! Cleaning your bathroom may take a few hours but it is definitely rewarding in the end.

If you don’t have the budget to make any physical changes to the bathroom, there’s still no reason for it to look plain and boring. Add different lower cost accessories such as mats, uniquely designed bins, funky cabinets and mirrors. You can even install unusual lighting to make your bathroom more attractive (always look to a professional though if changing electric in the bathroom).

freeimage-7043565If you can run to the cost of repainting your bathroom then be sure to thoroughly check for any areas that require repair first. Sort out any damaged areas of walls or flooring, replace damaged tiles and grout and re-silicone where necessary. You can use a combination of colours when you repaint – the walls and ceiling don’t have to be the same and you can take advise on what colours to choose to enhance the bathroom’s look. You can also install new towel rails, toilet roll holders, light switches, taps and cabinets or cabinet handles. Changing the shower curtains is also a great way of enhancing your bathroom, particularly if you decide on a shower screen, which is always a great improvement on a curtain.

If you can, when redoing your bathroom, add additional storage. One of the best ways to ensure the room remains free of clutter is to add wall-mounted or freestanding cabinets to remove the assortment of bottles, sprays, soaps etc. Opt for a cabinet with a mirror so you don’t have to install a separate mirror.

Finally, tOrange bathroom with a modern shower.hink about improving the flooring. The bathroom becomes a safer environment by adding vinyl flooring. Many people suffer slipping accidents when stepping onto a wet bathroom floor.

Don’t forget that although our primary focus is timber and fencing, at Forestrall we also sell decorating implements such as paint rollers and trays, dust sheets, paint brushes etc. Give us a call on 01474 833096 or e-mail us at

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