Do you recognise that yellow thing in the sky….?

Forestrall logoI do believe that we’re seeing that lesser known phenomenom – the sun! And that might even be a bit of blue sky surrounding it! This past few days have positively felt Spring like and so our thoughts turn to the garden…

I’ve scoured around for some tips to help you start work on a garden to be proud of for the coming year.

Whether you’re a keen gardener or a complete novice, all gardens will need a good tidy up after the long, dark winter months. Try and get rid of any weeds that start to appear as the weather gets warmer, and mulch with compost or manure – this preparation will pay dividends over the coming months when you’re ready to sow seeds and start planting.

Make a start on clearing paths of moss and weeds.  It’s not a job anyone loves and tends to get neglected as soon as the weather turns colder so as soon as you see a glimmer of sunshine head outside and get scrubbing! You’ll need to be preprared with a stiff brush and a bucket of salted boiling water.  Salted water is a great environmentally and pet friendly alternative to weed killer.

freeimage-6345471If you didn’t get round to planting the shrubs and trees you wanted to during autumn, the ground should now be soft enough for you to do so. Spring is a great time to get plants, trees and shrubs fully established before winter comes around again.

It’s also time to haul the mower out of the garage or the shed, blow away the cobwebs and give the grass a regular mow, weed and feed.

You can sow summer bedding plants like marigolds and busy lizzies indoors in early spring. These can be moved outdoors in late spring/early summer once the weather warms up and there’s less chance of frost damage.

Don’t forget that if you’re feeling really adventurous, you can start to look at ways of using railway sleepers in your garden design, prior to all your flowers and shrubs coming through.  Sleepers are great for creating raised beds and add real character to the garden.New Oak Sleepers

Forestrall Timber and Fencing remain your one stop shop for decking, sleepers and fencing, so don’t hesitate to give us a shout if we can assist you with the materials needed for your garden improvements.  01474 833096 or

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