Has Spring finally sprung…?

freeimage-2377527We hope that you all had an enjoyable Easter break? I’m sure that we saw the sun, albeit briefly and regardless of the fact that it didn’t help to increase the temperature! The clocks have now changed, so Spring is definitely upon us, even if it still feels wintery.

We’re hoping to start feeling a rise in the temperature, and so with the impending warm weather it could be time to make a start on the home improvement projects which had been put on hold for the winter season.
Here are some of the key DIY projects that will assist anyone preparing for the spring and summer months.

1. Decking repair and treatment. With the onset of summer comes the return of outdoor parties, barbecues and lounging in the garden. Always good to start with assessing the condition of the decking areas in your garden and check how they have survived the DeckingFixingslong and rather harsh winter season. Often, even if the decking has escaped any outright damage and could be described as ‘intact’, there are probably a number of surface effects present. The dampness and continual pounding the decking can take from the winter season will leave patches of rot and grime. To bring some new life back into the wood, look into one of the wood brightening products which utilize oxalic acid. Solutions made with this chemical have been proven to rejuvenate wood.

2. Window replacement. The addition of new windows can have a massive impact on a house. Whether your existing windows are starting to make your home look tired or if Double_Glazing_21poor insulation is letting in too much cold air, these things will only become more troublesome, so the time to fix them is once the weather warms up. New windows can reverse these effects, sealing off the window at every point and creating a stunning new look on the exterior of the house. Window replacement is not a task for the DIY beginner, yet careful measurements and a degree of experience can make the job a possibility for any homeowner. If you are going to do the job yourself, perhaps approach with caution and just complete one room at a time instead of ordering an entire home’s supply of windYoung blonde wearing dungarees with roll in hand. Isolated on white in studioows.

3. Exterior painting. Hopefully, many of the internal DIY jobs will have been completed during the cold season. So for spring, touching up the exterior paintwork of your house could be on the list. A fresh coat of paint will brighten up your property beyond belief.

4. Landscaping and garden work. Many of us have stopped looking out of our windows at the dismal sight that is our garden in winter. Landscaping and garden work seems to naturally fall into the springtime category. It’s highly likely that you’ll find patches of grass in desperate need of some attention having been subjected to the rigors of the winter. New%20Oak%20Sl%20Cat(2)Once some new areas of sod are installed and the lawn starts looking in better shape, you can think about adding some colour to the scene. New flowers and bushes create an entirely different feeling around the garden. For the more adventurous, there are plenty of garden design ideas to implement using railway sleepers to create raised beds. With a blank canvas, post winter garden, the ideas are limitless.

5. Fence repair. You may not even have noticed your fence throughout the winter season. Often covered in snow or frost, it receives very little winter attention. However, spring is the time to focus on fencing. It’s not too difficult to take battered wood planks Fence panels, concrete posts and gravel boardsand replace them with new pieces – you may only need a single panel or you may decide to have a complete new fence installed. Don’t forget though that painting and sealing should be completed alongside any fence repair job. Try and ensure that the visual look of your fence remains consistent and that it is treated appropriately to ensure it lasts through the next winter.

Whatever job you’re prioritising on your “to do” list, do give us a call at Forestrall Timber & Fencing Merchants on 01474 444150 or e-mail us at sales@forestrall.co.uk as we’ll be able to assist you with your supplies list and hopefully any advice that you may need.

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