This time we’re sure it’s Spring!

If you get these jobs out the way now, you’ll be enjoying your summer garden at its best in freeimage-2750006-webno time at all.  Get organised, divide the jobs up between family members and you’ll have it all done in a weekend!

Take a stiff broom to any pathways and any patio areas, and get rid of broken twigs and leaves from the borders and lawn. Just a simple tidy up like this will make an instant improvement to how the front and back of your home looks.

Whilst contemplating the patio, it’s good to clear weeds away before you start to use the outdoor areas on a regular basis.  Try to use weed killer on a day when it doesn’t look like it’s going to rain, to allow it time to get to work before it’s washed away. Patio weeds tend to grow more when the stones aren’t walked on, so once you’re out using your garden again, the growth rate should slow down and you shouldn’t have to weed again too often in the coming months. Be sure to follow the instructions on the bottle of any weed killer you buy to ensure that you use it safely, particularly taking account of any pets or small children that may have access to the patio area.  Give the patio a good jet wash when the weeds are dealt with and this should restore it to its former glory.

freeimage-2530546-webDon’t forget to pay some attention to the garden furniture and the outdoor lights.  If you haven’t already had the first barbecue of the season, then it can’t be far off.  Ensure that any mains outdoor lighting is working, if it hasn’t been used for a while and re-site any solar lights that may have been brought in for the winter.  If you’ve already pressure washed the patio or decking to make it fabulous, then now is the time to oil or varnish the wood, clean any metal, rattan or plastic patio furniture and get ready to position carefully in the hot sunshine, throw on the cushions and relax!

With Spring bringing fast re-growth it’s now time to mow the lawn weekly, it shouldn’t grow any higher than 3/4 inch and if you have not done so in April, then feed it now.

Whilst youDouble_Glazing_5‘re stood in the garden you make take a passing glance back at your house and realise that perhaps the outside of the house hasn’t escaped the harsh winter entirely unscathed.  It’s time to grab a bucket of warm soapy water and a soft rag to do your ground floor windows and any patio doors.  This may only prove to highlight how much your upstairs windows need cleaning, and if this is the case I would suggest contacting your local window cleaner as the high ladders are only for the very brave!  It’s unlikely that the windows would need professional cleaning every week, but a ew times through the Spring and Summer will leave your house looking brighter and fresher.

If you are one of the brave that is happy to reach for the high ladder, then it’s worth taking the time to check your gutters.  Gutters can get really clogged up through the winter months, with leaves, moss and mud washed out in heavy rainfall.  If not dealt with then heavy rainfall may mean that water won’t be channelled away from your walls and roof and could cause problems with leaks and excessive water on your brickwork.  Cleaning the gutters really is just a case of scooping out all the muck and getting rid of it, without being overly heavy handed and damaging the gutter itself.

Whilst you have the rubber gloves on, it’s a good time to tackle the drains and bins.  Clear away any leaves or other garden debris that might have been swept towards your outside drains. If the harsh winter has left drain covers damaged or loose, then now is the time to replace them, securing them in place with a brick if you can.  With the bins, it’s time to get them “summer ready”… We all know that if your wheelie bin isn’t in pristine condition then as the weather heats up, so the flies will head in!  Gather together your general bin, recycling bin and compost bin (if you’re in area that has those) and give them a really good hose down. Use a disinfectant to rinse them through and allow them to air dry before throwing any more rubbish into them.

freeimage-2374886-webSo, if you’re ready to focus on your garden then the key tasks for the next few weeks are weeding and hoeing.  Not very exciting but Spring growth is vigorous, so you have to keep on top if it.  If you let your guard down and take your eye of the ball then you’ll find it difficult to regain control.  If you suffer from bindweed, the blight of many gardens, put canes in to allow it to wrap around and this should protect neighbouring plants and shrubs and means the bindweed can be dealt with much more easily later in the season.  Hoe on a hot dry day so that the weeds die before they can re-root.

Don’t forget, as your mind turns to the outdoors, Forestrall Timber and Fencing Merchants are here to assist you with all of your timber, fencing, decking and sleeper requirements.  You can call us on 01474 444150 or e-mail

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