A man and his shed…

freeimages.co.uk buildingsForestrall logoThere is an element of mystery that surrounds the relationship between a man and his shed. Some men are dismissive of their sheds – it’s just another storage space, cluttered and full of cobwebs but for many men, the shed is a haven, a hideaway, a much cherished space, dare we say a female free zone! That’s not to say that women don’t have sheds too, but the male shed relationship definitely needs further investigation.

freeimage-2921834-webMen are natural born “potterers”, they have an innate need to tinker and even when you watch a small boy with his toys you’ll see the “nature not nurture” element whereby things must be taken apart, wheels removed from cars etc. which is not a learned response but somehow, for some reason, is born in them…

Women collectively get together and talk, whilst engaging with each other and assessing the emotional responses, men don’t operate like this.  They are happy with their own company in their shed, working through any issues, and if they do have male company, the talking can be done in conjunction with the fixing, building, taking apart – there is no need for eye contact or emotional connection!

It’s now even thought that “shed time” has health benefits for men.  Having a sanctuary in which to escape the hustle and bustle, avoid arguments and generally take time out is now said to lower blood pressure and boost self esteem.

Todays sheds far outweigh those that our forefathers would have pottered around in.  Thefreeimage-3539765-web sheer size of them for one thing but also the detail within the build.  No longer is the humble shed the haunt of the retired gentleman, it is now the 20 and 30 somethings that are creating their not so humble hideaway.  Sheds now rival summerhouses, they are fully wired up, often with far superior lighting than the anticipated strip light and even boasting internet access.

Competition is fierce amongst men, whose sheds are their pride and joy, even to the point where there is actually a Shed of the Year competition at http://www.readersheds.co.uk  There is a ridiculous amount of variation, from sheds that look like sheds to sheds that are barely recognisable as sheds.  As you look at the vast array its hard not to get caught up in the excitement of shed-life… Wouldn’t it be great to have a little hideaway of your own, somewhere to escape from the partner, the children, even just to escape from your mobile phone.

garden-shed-norfolk-apex-xlAt Forestrall we understand that special bond between a man and his shed, and we try to make it as easy as possible for everyone to achieve their ultimate aim in terms of the shed in their life.  For those that require ease and want their needs met immediately we have a range of sheds in stock, with others available for delivery in 3 to 4 weeks.  All of our sheds can be made to ANY specification, within reason.  We can have pretty much ANY shed made out of ANY timber.  No man need be without a shed for any great length of time.

For the more adventurous male, those looking to really stamp their mark on their shed, we can provide the materials that allow you to build the bespoke shed of your dreams.  The timber and batten to build, the Celotex to insulate, the ply to line and the log lap to finish, we have it all in stock.

So, if you are in serious need of some “man time” then give us a call at Forestrall (01474 444150 or e-mail sales@forestrall.co.uk) and we will help you to create your area of solace!

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