Carpentry Career Overview

Forestrall logoAs we approach the time when the senior years at school go off on study leave, ready to face their exams and start thinking about their next move we thought we’d put together some details about carpentry as a career.

There’s a natural tie in between our own industry as timber and fencing merchants and the world of carpenters and joiners, so we know from the daily interaction we have with our customers that carpenters are a trade that are passionate about their profession.

A carpentry career provides many job opportunities. Most of them mainlfreeimage-3843508-weby can be found in the construction industry, however there are also other areas where a carpentry career can take you.  They do all have one thing in common – the work usually involves manual labor and the extensive use of one’s hands as well as skills in using wood as primary material.

Jobs in carpentry primarily consist of cutting, measuring and building structures with the use of wood alongside other similar materials.  Carpenters usually find work constructing and refurbishing houses, commercial business establishments and even boats and ships. Carpenters may also find work building roads, wharves, bridges, and many other forms of man-made constructions. Depending on the size and the level of a construction project, a carpenter may take on a heavy or light work load. At times, carpenters can be hired to do more specialized work.

wooden kitchen in the flatExperience gives carpenters the advantage in work. With experience and time under their belt, most carpenters learn to specialize in the different aspects of carpentry work. There are carpenters who become experts in building or constructing frameworks. There are other carpenters who are more skilled in internal domestic work, such as kitchen fitting and building bespoke wardrobes and shelving.  Other carpenters may also prefer work making cabinets, building ships, or doing home repair work.

Depending on the projects, carpenters tend to have varying work environments. Sometimes carpenters can work indoors and sometimes they might find themselves working outdoors. Carpenters often, in this day and age, move towards the role of “general builder” gaining more extensive projects and bringing in other trades as subcontractors to complement them in the other skills required, such as plumbing and electrics.  Generally, Young carpenter in his workshop with craft pencil and planning of his workthe daily work would be different based on the location. You can confidently say that a carpenter’s work would have a lot more variety than that of an employee who has to go to the same workplace day in and day out.

Aside from being good with their hands in working with wood, carpenters also have to gain knowledge on other aspects relating to the job. One of them is being knowledgeable with building regulations and planning requirements. This is increasingly important because carpenters have the task of specifying which materials can be used for a construction project. Without having the knowledge of building regulations, the risk of building unstable and dangerous establishments is possible, particularly when moving into the areas of new builds and extensions.  Without the knowledge of the relevant regulations, carpenters would be at risk of failing certain building evaluations and assessments.

Forestrall TestimonialsAlthough carpenters generally work with wood, not all of them work in the same way and using only wood as the material. There are carpenters that are also involved in installing and using a variety of other building materials such as concrete, glass, ceramic tiles, doors, and even windows. Other carpenters may also not be involved solely in construction.

There are carpenters that specialize in maintaining and repairing furniture, cabinets and wooden floors. Some might specialize in installing locks, doors or windows. There are also scenic carpenters that work for the entertainment industry. Such carpenters work installing, building and dismantling scenic structures used in film shooting or theatre settings.

So if you know someone who is creative and good with their hands, seeks a job with an ever changing environment and different challenges on a daily basis, then perhaps you may know a carpenter in the making?

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