Do It Yourself or Not?

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Current headlinYoung blonde wearing dungarees with roll in hand. Isolated on white in studioes would have us believe that DIY is on the decline. Sales in the DIY retail sector are down for another quarter and further declines are predicted. Some are putting it down to the incredibly poor weather we’ve experienced this Spring (reported by the Met Office as the coldest Spring for more than 50 years) whilst others speculate that it is in fact a move away from traditional DIY tasks and towards “home enhancement”. Consumers are apparently handing over the big projects to professionals but focussing their time and spend on the aesthetics of their homes – the wallpaper, soft furnishings and lighting.

What do you think?

At Forestrall we’ve been fortunate enough not to feel this supposed decline, but our client base is made up of a mix of trade professionals and the general public.  We firmly believe that people are still seeing the value in investing their efforts in DIY, pfreeimage-7906143-webarticularly those that are considering putting their house on the market.  Whilst prospective buyers are supposed to see beyond the decoration, many will still try and barter on the sale price if they feel the property is not in a good state of repair.  There’s not a huge cost associated with a neutral colour repaint throughout the interior of a house, yet this can greatly impact on the saleability.

As well as achieving the price you want for your property, there are still many projects that can be undertaken that actually add value and will in fact gain profits in excess of what you spend out.  These projects more often than not should be passed over to professional tradespeople but the more experienced DIYer may also be able to achieve a high level of success.    Typical imfreeimage-9264531-webprovements which add value above their cost are the addition of central heating, double glazing, putting in a new kitchen or bathroom or adding an additional bathroom facility.  In most instances, this type of work will reap 100% value back, so if the cost is £2,500 it should increase the value of your home by £5000.

If you do decide to carry out your own major project you will find that there are afreeimage-8670651-web wealth  of online tutorials available, with step by step pictures or videos showing users how to easily achieve their goal.  Equally, local tradespeople will be happy to get involved if these projects aren’t ones that you want to tackle yourself.  We believe that word of mouth recommendations are always best when sourcing a professional so look to family, friends and colleagues for suggestions.  Customers in our local area can benefit from our experience with various trades as we are happy to recommend a variety of companies that can assist with a range of internal and external work.

Forestrall Timber and Fencing Merchants – quality, service and value are the keystones of our success and we offer a large range of quality timber products, accessories and brand names. or 01474 444150

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