We’ve said it before, but where is summer?

cp-new2We know that everyone is saying the same thing, and perhaps you don’t want to hear it anymore, but seriously, what has happened to summer this year?  We have now passed the Summer Solstice so the reality is that the days are getting shorter not longer from hereon in, yet we’ve barely had a chance to light the barbecue.  Last week we read that forecasters predict unsettled, wet and windy conditions for at least the next four weeks and what we are experiencing is indeed a ‘typical British summer’…. Not really what anyone wants to hear!

hanging-basket_1468840cOn the odd day that it’s not raining, there’s plenty to do in your garden particularly as this is the season for mowing your lawn every week.  Hanging baskets should be in bloom and for those keen enough to be growing their own produce, some of the salad products should be ready to harvest.

If ypatioou’re hardy enough to brave the outdoors regardless of the weather then it’s a good time to attack your patio with a pressure washer.  If the weather is on your side, then perhaps think about treating your fence and any wooden areas (decking, sheds etc.) as an annual preservative treatment will definitely prolong the life.  If the rain is persistent, then consider a shed clear out!  There’s never a right time to clear your shed, but it’s often a much avoided job so make it a rainy weekend priority.  There’s bound to be out of date garden chemicals, pots of paint that have dried up, long forgotten toys and plenty of spiders….

Take a good look at the shed itself once you’ve emptied it out to give it a good clean.  Has it seen better days?  Is there any structural damage or is the felt on the roof rotting?  Depending on your personal viewpoint, certain things are repairable, particularly the roof felt, but it may be time to consider a new shed?  The new shed market is huge and the Charnwood_Shedrange available is just endless, so take your time to consider exactly what you want from your shed.  The internet is a great tool for searching out what’s available and viewing the images, and hopefully here at Forestrall we can help you out a little too, with our shed price list.  This thirty page document will give you an idea of what’s available to you, how much it costs and the sizes available and if you need any more assistance, our staff are always on hand to chat through your requirements on 01474 444150.

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