Is The Royal Baby Going To Arrive Today?

cp-new2The news stations are buzzing with the pending arrival of the royal baby and here at Forestrall our minds have turned to the preparations involved in preparing for a new arrival!
Pink Baby

We thought perhaps we’d find a “build your own cot” design to share and although there are some available, the safest option seems be to buy a pre-made cot. So what else goes in to turning a spare bedroom into a beautiful nursery?
Blue Baby

We’d love to hear any stories of what you’ve built for a babies room, or how you’ve made the transformation?


There are two trains of thought regarding decorating a new baby’s room – you can opt for tranquillity with a mix of gentle tones and pastel shades, or you can go bright and vibrant for a room that enchants your little one as it grows from baby to toddler.  It’s definitely time to rethink the traditional pinks and blues and experiment with different How-to-Decorate-a-Gender-Neutral-Nurserycolours.  You can gain inspiration from accessories or artwork.  Ultimately, you’re likely to develop the decoration in the room as your small person develops their own identity, with the addition of fun posters and wall sticker decorations.

Don’t forget shelving.  In the first months of your new arrival you’ll have plenty of pictures, gifts and pretty trinkets to show off but as the years progress these shelves will be ideal to play host to teddies, books, games and all manner of items that small children collect, from shiny pebbles to autumn conkers!

CotbedPlan your space well – the small bassinet soon gets traded for a cot but even that only lasts for two to three years before being replaced with a single bed, so bear in mind the altering dimensions of the furniture.

Storage is a big issue in a baby’s room, particularly given the rate at which they grow in the first few years.  Clothes can be folded in drawers, while other baby needs (nappies, lotions and wipes) can be stored under the change table. Eventually they may require a wardrobe, but they will also need somewhere for toys which rapidly become a key element of the bedroom.  Over and above this, unless you have a very accommodating loft area, there’s always the matter of the “outgrown clothes”…. No-one likes to just get rid of these, and often they are stored, waiting for a friend or relative to need “hand me downs” or with every intention of selling them on at a later date, but they do need to be stored somewhere in the meantime!

Lighting is vitally important in a baby’s room.  It’s crucial to control the light, day and 3518902065_0f8f02fa43_znight. If overhead lights are too bright, have a dimmer switch installed. Being able to create darkness during the daytime is equally important, so curtains with thick lining or blackout blinds work really well.

Flooring is another key issue – timber or laminate flooring wears well, can survive spills and accidents and is easily cleaned, however carpet makes crash landings more bearable. Perhaps a compromise of a large rug on a timber floor is the best way forward? This can be a decorative item for the first year or so and then can be exchanged for a play mat as your child develops and starts to utilise their bedroom as an area of entertainment.

Mom's New ChairIf there’s room, certainly for the initial year or so, a comfy armchair is a fantastic luxury for parents to have in baby’s room since they’ll be spending plenty of time in the room feeding, napping and cuddling.  Specific nursing chairs are available, created to eliminate back and neck strain, whilst being washable and having sufficient pockets for essential items, but overall just a comfy place to curl up with baby is the main criteria.

We hope that this has given you plenty to think about if, like Kate and William, you are awaiting a new arrival.  Don’t forget that if you need any materials, whether for flooring or shelving, or general items like skirting and architrave, then Forestrall are here to help.  You can reach us on 01474 444150 or

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