Proud To Be A Chain Of Custody Supplier

cp-new2Most of us are already aware that trees play a vital part in counteracting the effects of global warming as they absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen.  You may not know that a mature leafy tree produces as much oxygen in a season as 10 people inhale in a year and that forests act as giant filters that clean the air we breath.  Trees really are vital in reducing carbon dioxide levels.  To produce its food, a tree absorbs and locks away carbon dioxide in the wood, roots and leaves. A forest is a carbon storage area or a “sink” that can lock up as much carbon as it produces. This locking-up process stores carbon as wood and not as an available greenhouse gas.

2961303127_5210683f4f_mTo maintain the present number of trees in the world we all need to ensure that the timber we use comes from sustainable well-managed sources.  Forestrall Timber and Fencing Merchants are authorised to purchase and sell both FSC and PEFC certified products which provide an assurance mechanism to purchasers of wood and paper products that they are promoting the sustainable management of forests.

Chain of Custody is the paperwork flow through the chain, from the forest to the final retailer or merchant to prove that the timber in the product is derived from well-managed forests.  To claim that the timber is certified all links in the chain from the forest through to the merchant or retailer have to have an audited Chain of Custody process. The company has to show traceability, which means it can identify and track certified timber through its operations. It can also be used to provide traceability for schemes which verify that the wood comes from legal sources.

8154667825_11c4d29a6f_mThe acquisition of Chain of Custody certification reinforces the sustainability commitments of our business.  Selling FSC and PEFC certified products makes us the preferred choice of timber merchant in many instances, especially for responsible consumers.

Currently many more consumers are demanding that the wood they purchase comes from certified sources. Equally, it is becoming evident that many public and private procurement policies require wood and wood-based products to originate from sustainably managed forests, and often specify PEFC certification as evidence.

As with a wide section of our industry, we want to help our customers choose products that contribute to global conservation, community well-being and economic stability.

Thanks to PEFC, FSC and the Timber Trade Federation for some of the information contained within this blog.

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