Oak Doors Now Available From Forestrall

cp-new2Forestrall Timber & Fencing Merchants are now supplying oak doors, to both trade and the general public so we thought we would provide a little more information. We have interior oak panel doors, interior oak glazed doors, interior oak fire doors, interior oak bi-fold doors and internal oak door pairs available.

If you do opt for oak doors, we suggest it is best to use Danish oil for a natural finish . This will protect the timber and give it a nice sheen without giving it that horrible cheap shiny appearance. It will also bring out the grain to provide a really nice finish. It’s very easy to apply with a lint free cloth. Do not over apply though, ensure you take off any excess as you oak doorgo and apply two coats for a fantastic finish.  Then re-apply one maintenance coat every couple of years to keep the doors looking great. Dispose of used Danish oil cloths carefully as they are extremely flammable after use.  The doors from Forestrall have the benefit of the Paint ‘n’ Peel system for an easy finish.  Paint ‘N’ Peel is a system designed to make sealing, staining or painting your door a quick and easy procedure.

Step One – Paint or stain the door as directed by the finishing instructions. The film over the glass protects against streaks, runs or splashes.

Step Two – When the finish is complete, simply, by using a craft knife, cut around the glass aperture ensuring the masking film is cut in the corners.

Step Three – Peel off the film from the glass surface—leaving a smooth edge to the finish, and pristine glass.

When making your decision about internal doors, don’t dismiss the fire rated doors as an unnecessary precaution.  Statistics show that there were 380 fire-related fatalities in Britain in 2011-2012 as a result of house fires with thousands more injured. Doors are a 1oakfiredoorcritical part of the defence against injury or death resulting from fire in a building, not only are they a means of escape but they can be an essential barrier to prevent the fire spreading from one room to the next.

Fire doors are grouped by the duration they can endure the test so our range of FD30 doors are doors that can resist fire for 30 minutes. Doors that have passed the official test and attained the standard will carry the label, FD30 or FD60 to prove they have the necessary qualities to be sold as ‘fire doors’.  If you are in a situation whereby fire doors are a legal requirement for the building, then FD 30 is the minimum requirement although it’s best to always double check the stipulated requirements as some buildings do require an FD60 door.

If you’d like any assistance choosing your internal doors or would like to have a chat about the options, you can e-mail Forestrall on sales@forestrall.co.uk or call the office on 01474 444150.

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