Making Sure You’re Ready For The Snow…

cp-new2We may have been a little optimistic last week, commencing the count down to Spring.  Spring is definitely on its way, but perhaps we should focus on the fact that we still have the harshest element of the Winter to face first, the snow!

Whilst time is still on your side, in fact we’re experiencing a few days of sunshine albeit still cold, then now is the time to carry out vital maintenance tasks such as repairing broken fencing panels, treating wooden sheds with timber preservative and protecting your outdoor garden furniture.  Given the volume of wind and rain that we have experienced throughout the last month, it’s likely that these things have suffered more than they might usually have done.  Fixing and weather-proofing timber products will ensure they last longer and keep your outdoor areas looking good all year round.  Whilst the garden is less used, it’s the ideal time to carry out checks and repairs on your shed, summer house, gates, fencing and patio furniture, so you are well prepared for the cold weather ahead.

Replace Fence Panels

Florence PanelExtreme weather such as snow, gales and heavy rainfall can play havoc with your wooden gates and fencing. Storms or strong winds cause damage to wooden fencing panels, as you may already have experienced, and garden gates get ripped off their hinges. If you do have missing fence panels or trellis, these can be replaced individually to match in with your existing fence.

It’s also important to check your fence posts for sign of rot, as one damaged post can affect the whole structure of your fence. Forestrall Timber and Fencing sell a range of fencing panels, concrete posts and gravel boards or wooden fencing posts to assist with your repairs.

Protect Your Fencing

CreocoteWooden fencing that has been treated is highly resilient and less prone to rot and infestation, however occasional maintenance will prevent fading and guard against water damage, which will ultimately prolong the life of your fencing panels.

Forestrall Timber and Fencing sell a range of wood stains and preservatives for fencing, decking and garden furniture.

Protect Garden Furniture

Now is a good time to protect your garden furniture before the harsh Winter sets in.  Ideally you should so this by storing it under cover so bring it into a shed or garage if you can.  Alternatively, use a plastic protector which should be tied securely so that it doesn’t blow away. It is also recommended that you seal your patio garden furniture with a wood treatment, once a year, to make it weather-proof.

Protect Your Outdoor Buildings

garden-shed-norfolk-apex-xlIn much the same was as you treat your garden furniture annually, wooden sheds, log cabins and summer houses should also be sealed to make them weather proof and protect them during the inclement weather.  Wooden sheds are generally pre-treated with a coat of wood preserver however its still recommended that garden buildings are treated with a high quality preservative on an ongoing basis.

This is also an ideal time to check for any signs that repairs are needed. Check the base of your garden building to ensure there are no cracks for water to seep through. If there are any damaged panels, replace them. In the checking process, don’t forget the roof. Make sure the felt is intact to avoid leaks and make sure you replace any parts that are damaged.

If your shed really has seen better days and the time is right to purchase a new shed, then once again Forestrall Timber and Fencing can help.  We have a full range of sheds available, with full details in our Shed Price List.

For any further help or advice, call the team at Forestrall on 01474 444150 or e-mail

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