How Practical Is Shed Working?

cp-new2It’s with great excitement that the new Forestrall meeting room / boardroom starts to become a reality.  It may not yet be a completed project but we are keen to get the interior finalised and be able to make use of the extra space it offers us.

So, we hear you ask…. How is it looking so far?  Well, below is the current exterior shot….

meeting room

This has lead us to start thinking though… Just how practical is it to be working in a shed?

It would appear that it’s incredibly practical, and over and above this, it’s positively the modern way forward! Shedworking, as it’s commonly known, actually refers more broadly to working from any structure in one’s land/garden: most commonly custom-built garden studios and offices, though renovated sheds are not unheard of.

shedworkingShedworking, primarily is the solution for many people that work from their own home.  It frees them from two of the worst culprits of unproductive working – noise and distraction. It also decreases the problems created by space-sharing, such as having to hurriedly tidy away work items from the dining room table every time a meal needs to be served .

At Forestrall we are lucky to be adding our shed to the already established commercial business premises, but is it a cost effective idea for a home office? It’s definitely not as cheap as setting yourself up in a spare room, if you’re lucky enough to have one of those in your house but it is more cost-effective than getting an extension or conservatory built.  And of course, it does depend on whether you opt for a very basic style shed office or a fully fitted-out garden studio, which starts from around £3,000. This is generally still much cheaper than renting office space and paying the associated rates and fees that run alongside the rental payments.

When weighing up the pros and cons, bear in mind that a decent garden studio can add up to 5% to the value of your property and can work well as a selling point in a competitive housing markets.  The are some planning regulations to be considered if you’re going to erect a structure in your garden.  It must be at least 5m away from your house and must not take up more than 50% of your garden.  Also, if it’s higher than 2.5m you will need to gain planning permission.  Do remember all the extras as well – electrics for heating and lighting, phone lines, broadband, security, insulation and possibly even the requirement for a concrete base.

Currently, shedworkers bring around £6.1 billion to the UK economy so remember that you will not be alone!

If you are thinking about setting up your own shed office space, take some inspiration / advice / tips from a popular shedworking blog, which can be found here or if you’re thinking about purchasing a shed / summer house, or even building one yourself, then get in touch with us at Forestrall as we will be able to help! 01474 444150 or


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