Getting The Most For Your Money….

cp-new2If you’re a timber buyer, whether in a commercial sense or for DIY purposes, you’ll already know that there are various avenues you can head down when you’re looking to make your purchase.

You can head to your local DIY store, but bear in mind that timber is not their primary focus.  They will sell timber products, often in multipacks rather than offering you your choice of lengths or quantities, but more often than not, your entire requirements won’t be covered unless you really are just after the basics.  This is not a slight against DIY stores – they cannot be all things to all people but are a hugely useful source of day to day, home improvement products of a generalist nature.

You may have some success at a local builders merchants, however, once again, it’s likely that the smaller independent builders merchants may only hold a limited stock.  The larger national builders merchants branches are increasing their ranges but can sometimes lack the technical expertise when it comes to any advice needed.

So, that brings us round to timber merchants, what we would consider to be the premier choice for anyone purchasing timber.  This is where you are going to find not only a wealth Millof products, available for cutting and milling to size, but you can also rely on the experience and knowledge of the onsite team.

By checking out your local timber merchants, you will get a good idea of what they stock, so you know that when you come to create your materials list they will have what you need.  If you’re visiting the yard in person, you can even ask to view the stock so you can get a feel for the quality of the products they supply.

You may just be browsing online but if you find a timber merchant with an ecommerce facility then this again will give you a good reflection of the type of stock they hold.  Whether you’re on the internet or at the yard, you should easily be able to find out delivery costs, if you’re not planning on picking up the items yourself.

Most timber merchants will be able to offer milling and cutting services, which may prove to be the deciding factor when making your purchase as this can save huge amounts of time, when compared with doing the cutting yourself.

Obviously, the key factor at the timber merchants (and ultimately anywhere that you go to buy materials) is going to be the prices.  Ideally it should be easy for you to establish what price you are going to pay for what products.  We know that everyone likes to haggle, or get a discount for a bulk purchase, or even cheekily ask “what will you do for cash?” but when push comes to shove, particularly if you need to know prices for putting a job quote together, all you really want is an easy to access, readily available, up to date price list.

Here at Forestrall we pride ourselves on making the relevant information easy for our customers and potential customers to source.  Our latest Price List has just been published and can be picked up at the yard or downloaded straight from our website.

For some it will be time to step outside your comfort zone – yes, the local DIY store is quite family friendly and you can be as naïve about the products as the next person with no fear of ridicule, but it’s time to realise that timber merchants are equally as open to the member of public with a DIY requirement as they are to the large, commercial firms with bulk timber orders.  We’re a friendly bunch, able to comprehensively answer your questions, and although it’s a hi-vis jackets, safety conscious environment, you can still just “pop in” to get what you need or make a quick call to 01474 444150.



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