Thinking About Garden Design..

cp-new2Railway sleepers continue to be big news in garden design and as the weather starts to look like it’s improving, our phones are starting to ring with more and more orders.  What makes them so popular?  Well, their versatility for one – sleepers are ideal for those looking to add an aesthetically appealing, decorative touch to their garden but equally they are structurally very hardwearing and can be used in place of bricks and slabs.

Rec%20Sleeper%20Cat(2)New softwood sleepers and oak sleepers are now overtaking reclaimed sleepers in popularity due to their availability, ease of handling & cutting and their wide variety of landscaping uses.  Yet the more traditional reclaimed railway sleepers remain popular, however although they can look the part and add a truly rustic feel to your garden, they are restricted in the ways in which they can be used, primarily because they’ve been treated with creosote.  This means that they must not be used in places where they’ll come into contact with fresh produce (fruit or vegetables) or anywhere that they will come into frequent contact with human skin.

Reclaimed sleepers are ideal to create garden steps as they’re hard wearing, resilient nature will offer you something built to last. They are best laid in a bed of concrete to ensure that they remain securely in place.  As with any wooden outdoor surface, care should be taken in the winter months, as these kind of steps may become slippery.

New%20Oak%20Sl%20Cat(2)If you are happy to use the new sleepers in your garden design then you will have a far greater range of options of things you can create, which will still be as hardwearing bit may lack some of the rustic charm of the reclaimed sleepers. The overall effect however is far more modern and contemporary, which may ultimately be your garden design preference.

Looking at the vast array of sleeper projects and designs online, it would appear that you really are only limited by imagination.  If you can dream it up, you can create it! Raised beds and planters are popular, as is building a retaining wall to terrace a garden or level out a slope, however people are also adding sleepers into their decking design and using them to build their garden structures.

SW%20Sleepers%20F%20PageIt should be pointed out that one of the joys of new railway sleepers is that they can be cut whereas reclaimed railway sleepers can be full of metal and it’s not advisable to try and hack your way through them.  Here at Forestrall, not only do we offer a range of used/ reclaimed sleepers and new oak and softwood sleepers, but we also offer a cutting service for the new railway sleepers which means that our customers can request exactly the size they require.

To talk to us some more about railway sleepers, call us on 01474 444150 or email Alternatively, if you’d like to place your order online then click HERE to go through to Timberclick, our ecommerce partner.



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