Making An Impact With Video…

cp-new2It’s not always easy to be innovative… Pushing on with forward thinking ideas can get lost in the daily grind of orders in, shipments out… However we know that good marketing is key to bringing in new business and staying well positioned in the minds of existing customers, so we have to ensure that time is spent brainstorming new ideas and getting creative.

We’re no strangers to using video in our marketing.  We know that video offers the opportunity to use sight and sound to connect on a more emotional level with viewers via storytelling. Unlike printed marketing material, video content communicates passively –  the viewer simply has to watch and let the story unfold. An effective marketing video should inform, entertain and ultimately influence a viewer by provoking emotions that  connect their hearts and minds with the product being shown.

Having said that, we’re the first to admit that it’s not easy to make timber “sexy”…. Creating a video that captures the audience attention and keeps them viewing to the end is a little harder when your subject matter is, well, wooden!

So, this time we’ve gone a little further to engage our viewers, by using a doodle video. So, what is a doodle video?  Well, doodle videos show a hand drawing the cartoon as a narrator speaks over the clip.  The combination of listening to the narration and watching as the hand draws the cartoon keeps viewers watching and absorbing more of the information that’s provided.

We hope that our doodle videos makes use of the power of cartoons to help tell our story. Stories are proven to be an effective way of helping people remember important facts, such as the features and benefits of our products and services, such as our milling and cutting service. When someone watches a hand drawing the first letter of a word, then the second, their brain automatically tries to predict what the full word will be.  This also applies to  cartoons being drawn.  There’s an innate, natural curiosity to try and figure out what’s coming next, to see what is being drawn, which we hope will lead to viewers watching the clip all the way to the end.

These days, viewers consume so many marketing messages therefore it’s imperative that we do something different to keep them watching. For us, creating a doodle video seemed to be the most effective and memorable way to get our marketing message across.

You can read more from us in our timber blog here.


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