Time To Consider Anti-Slip Decking..

cp-new2If you’re thinking about creating a new decking area or upgrading your current decking, then it might be time to give some thought to anti-slip decking.

Decking has been popular for some time now, both in the domestic and commercial marketplace, and is decking products are likely to continue to develop and diversify.  There are numerous timber decking suppliers across the UK but not all of them offer anti-slip decking as a standard product.

Anti Slip DeckingSo what is anti-slip decking and why are we selling it?

Timber decking can make a massive improvement to the aesthetics of your outdoor areas however it tends to have one fundamental problem – it can be dangerously slippery when wet.  In light of the weather that we are continuously subjected to and the volume of rainfall that we experience, there is every chance that at some point your timber decking will become wet. Anti-slip decking has been developed to make decking a much safer surface in wet conditions.

It may be that your decking area is in a commercial environment, rather than in your garden.  This makes anti slip decking even more important!  The number of slip accidents that happen on timber decking is a problem that is growing across the country, and if someone slips and injures themselves on your floor it can leave you open for a potentially hefty legal battle.  In this current litigious age, where the compensation culture that is prolific in the States seems to be moving rapidly into the UK, there are many people who are willing to fight a long fight to secure a pay out, with the backing of the “no win / no fee” legal firms  – definitely the type of court battle that you want to avoid, whether you’re a small or a large business.

The problem of slippery decking is easily solved! Our ‘Forestrall’ Softwood Treated Decking is machined from excellent quality Scandinavian Vth Redwood, castle grooved and includes 2 anti slip strips which are ideal for higher risk areas where there is a greater risk of slipping. The reverse side of the board is smooth with stress relief grooves to reduce cupping.  This anti slip decking board is suitable for use in both domestic and commercial applications.

If you’d like to talk further about your decking and the solutions we may have for you, then you can call us on 01474 444150 or email sales@forestrall.co.uk

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