The joy of faking it….

cp-new2The sun is finally out! It feels like we can confidently say that it is officially summer… We’re fast approaching the next Bank Holiday and (fingers crossed) this one may be the one that see’s us all out in the garden, whether reclining on deck chairs or pottering amongst the bedding plants, whilst the barbecue tempts us with its offerings at lunchtime and tea time. However, this may not be the case if you have paid scant attention to your lawn over the last few months. It may be that you are pondering a patchy lawn, rushing out to get grass seeds, lawn fertiliser or even squares of turf… Aspatchylawn frustrating as it is, it is so difficult to get the perfect lawn, the lawn that we all covet – brilliant green, perhaps even with a hint of a stripe….

It seems that our winters are too wet (the January flooding not too distant a memory) and our summers are too dry (the eternal hosepipe bans do not bode well for the dream of a lush lawn). As we hurriedly search online for hints and tips how to get the best lawn, it would appear that we are somewhat slow off the mark – Autumn is the time to assess your lawn, and apply any treatments in readiness for the next year. Treatment is best carried out during September, when there is time for the grass to respond before the soil temperatures fall and growth terminates for the season. That’s the time to scarify (raking), aerate (spiking), top-dressing (applying a mix of loam, sand and well-rotted organic matter in order to correct surface irregularities and improve the texture of difficult soils. This encourages greater rooting and thickening of turf) and flattening.

There is still time to apply a liquid summer lawn fertiliser, especially if a spring feed was not given. A soluble feed and weed product may be useful if there are weeds present in the lawn but you can’t expect too much at this stage…. Brown patches on the lawn are likely to remain – they will recover quickly when the autumn rains arrive but what good is that through the one season of the year you want to show your garden off!

1grassSo, perhaps now is the time to give some serious consideration to faking it. Artificial grass has moved on in recent years so there’s no worry of your lawn looking like an old fashioned green grocers shelf. It’s not harsh or bristly, nor plastic-like in it’s feel, it is deceptively very much like real grass. You can finally give yourself the perfect lawn which is low maintenance and aesthetically pleasing.

There are a lot of different varieties and choices in the market place, and it is definitely a case of paying for quality. There are some really cheap offerings out there but you will get what you pay for… We offer three grades of artificial grass, from a European manufacturer plus we sell the membrane that goes beneath the grass, the jointing tape and the glue. We can even help you with a fitting service if required. Contact us now on 01474 444150, or you can purchase online here.

You can read more from us in our timber blog here.

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