Hard or soft…. What’s the difference?

cp-new2In our weekly newsletter this week (sign up here and you will also receive a copy of our pricelist) we have focussed on hardwood decking.  However, that’s not to say we favour it over and above the softwood decking that we also sell…

“Should I opt for hardwood or softwood decking?” is a question we hear frequently and, in all honesty, the decision is often based on personal preference when it comes to the aesthetics of the finished decking area or it is based on price.

There is quite a big price leap between softwood decking and hardwood decking and for many people, budget will make the decision for them.

If cost is not the primary factor in your decision, then things to consider are:-

  • How well is the product I’m considering going to last?  Is it durable and will it stand up to the test of time?
  • What sort of weather conditions is the decking area going to suffer?  is it an open tot he elements area of decking that will take the full force of torrential rain and snow in the winter season and then the (we hope…) blazing hot sun in the summer?
  • The aesthetics of the product.  Is the end result going to be pleasing to the eye?  Will it still look good a year down the line, three years down the line etc.?

There is an old adage – “buy cheap, buy twice” but if you are just wanting to achieve a quick fix in the garden and not too worried about how it will last and look in the long term, then you can get away with cheap decking.  Having said that, the better the quality of decking (or, paying a slightly higher price) will result in a more superior area of decking, with a higher chance of longevity.

Q Deck HArdwood DeckingIn most instances, to get a positive answer to all of the above questions, you should opt for hardwood decking.  Hardwood decking is produced from slow growing trees, that have survived the extreme weather conditions in a number of tropical environments and as such is a highly durable material that will give you an area of decking that is truly built to last.  Hardwood decking is also the forerunner when it comes to the “attractive” question and if properly maintained will look stunning for years to come.

Decking from Forestrall TimberBear in mind that the majority of garden decks are built out of softwood decking, so it certainly shouldn’t be dismissed. It is a more economical option and can look great.  It may start to show signs of wear in a shorter period of time, but coming in at a lower cost does make it more viable to replace it every few years.  Once again, using a decking treatment and correctly maintaining the timber can only help the decking.

If you need any advice regarding your choice of decking boards, then we are happy to take your call on 01474 444150, or drop us an email to sales@forestrall.co.uk

Browse our online shop at your leisure, or head straight to the decking section.

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