Making ourselves more APProachable and more APPealing….

cp-new2We like to think that we are a forward thinking timber and fencing merchants – you can find us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+, we blog, we have our new online store and now we have our very own app!

You might be thinking why do we need an app?  In this day and age it’s becoming almost impossible to run a business and build your customer base without a website. Statistics show us that more and more people are accessing the web via mobile devices and the key to maximising this is to make the most of the opportunity to be found on a mobile device.  It seems that rather than searching Google to find a particular business, people are using their mobile apps or searching in their mobile app store to find the businesses they want. We felt it was essential for us to make our business visible on every platform by using a mobile app.

CaptureWe believe that it’s essential for us to continually find new ways to reach our customers and establish a closer relationship with them.  Our app has been developed to incorporate a section where clients can interact directly with the team, they can also record and send a verbal testimonial and take and send photo’s of the projects they are working on.

photo 2Marketing is a key part of our business.  One of the main reasons we wanted a mobile app is so that we can continue to effectively market our business.  As with every business in every industry, we will definitely benefit from more people knowing about us. Having a mobile app gives us a chance to get our message out on another platform.  It will allow us to extend our reach, because even though we have a mobile optimised website our app will offer similar features but specifically designed in a format for people browsing on their phones.

We hope that with our app we have ticked all the boxes that our current and future clients want to see.  AS well as the interaction that we’ve mentioned previously, they can shop in photo 5 (2)our online store, see our latest special offers, access our online partners (TimberClick, TimberClick Gates, Oak Doors Shop and Q-Deck Shop), find out about some of the services we offer, read some testimonials from existing customers plus they can share the details of our app with their friends / colleagues / contacts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and by email.

I’m sure you can tell that we’re very proud of this latest development, but it’s what the customers think that is most important to us, so please do download the FREE app, take a look and let us know what you think?

You can read more from us in our timber blog here.



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