Shedding their “old man” image…

cp-new2Last week we sent our list of contacts an update on the sheds that we have available via our online store, and in doing this we researched the current shed market…. With some surprising finds!

Sheds are no longer just a haven for elderly men, seeking solace from the stereotypical nagging wife! We came across a great article in the Mail Online from earlier this year, highlighting some fantastic “female” sheds.  You can take a look at the full article here, but it really highlighted how far sheds have come in becoming an extension of the home rather than just a junk storage area at the bottom of the garden.  More and more people are using their garden sheds as a way of extending their property without the need for planning permission, creating an additional living area and space for entertainment.  It’ shighly likely now that you’ll find home entertainment systems, bars, offices and more in the wooden structure at the end of the garden.

Lincoln SummerhouseMen may have been brought up to believe that the garden shed is a strictly male bolthole (along with the garage and the loft apparently!) but to todays women, who are working just as hard as men as well as juggling frantic family lives, it makes perfect sense that they should have their own dedicated “my space” area for “pottering” and escapism.

There are approximately 12 million sheds in Britain.  It would be nice to think that perhaps 3-4 million were well maintained, tidy, feminine areas, but the reality is that number is probably much lower!

Some (slightly shaky and a little variable – the statistics vary across the internet!) facts about sheds:-

  • 20% of Brits admit to spending time in their shed to escape their partners with 21% of people preferring to spend time in a shed then see their in-laws
  • 24% of people use their shed to store their guilty secrets – cigarettes, unhealthy snacks, old love letters or shopping receipts
  • 11% of Brits admit to using their shed to make secret phone calls.
  • 55% of the population in Britain have a shed
  • 33% of men believe that having a shed has been positive on their relationship
  • 20% of shed owners have had an accident in their sheds.
  • If you were to lay out all the sheds in the world end to end, they would wrap around the earth a staggering six and a half times.
  • Last year Britain spent £85 million on sheds.
  • Delia Smith makes up her recipes in a shed, George Bernard Shaw wrote ‘Pygmalion’ in his and the inventor Trevor Bayliss built the prototype for his clockwork radio in his garden shed.
  • TV’s most famous shed belongs to the Fowler family in ‘EastEnders’, but Arthur would turn in his grave if he knew that since his death it has been used as a ‘passion pad’, a place to harbour criminals and for his young son Martin to grow cannabis.
  • 18% of Brits would like to install a hot tub in their garden shed.
  • 23% of men say that spending time in their shed makes them feel more masculine (so we hope we haven’t ruined this by highlighting the growing numbers of women “moving into” sheds!).

Charnwood_ShedYou can see from the above, that whether you view it as “just a shed” or whether it’s an integral part of your daily life, sheds ARE important! We have a whole section of our online shop dedicated to sheds and garden buildings, so do take a look if you are in the market for a new “haven”….

You can also reach us by phone on 01474 444150 or by email on

You can read more from us in our timber blog here.


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