Top Ten of Jobs To Be Done By Professionals – Part One

cp-new2So, last week we gave you Our Top Ten of Home Maintenance Jobs and as promised, this week we have the first five of the Top Ten of Jobs To Be Done By Professionals (in our opinion…).

The temptation is always there to “have a go” but time and again there are many jobs that just end up being twice as expensive if at first you go down the DIY route and then end up having to call in a professional.  Some of these jobs many people will be muttering “obviously” at, but you’d be surprised, there’s many a would be handyman that has tried to turn his hand to a project that the majority of us wouldn’t go near without at least two years of college training and a further few years “in the trade”!

  • Structural Work

It sounds simple enough to take a view on your property and work out which are the load bearing walls. However, what you then proceed to do with this information is they key! If you attempt any structural work and don’t get it exactly right then your whole house can be at risk. If you’re thinking about knocking down a wall then don’t forget that there can be hidden water and gas pipes and electrical wiring.  Definitely a job for the professionals!

  • Repairing the Roof

Unless you are replacing one or two tiles, then this is quite a vast job and certainly not one Blu Roofto tackle on your own.  Once again this can have a massive impact on your whole house if you get it wrong.  A roof is a big investment, should last many years and so it’s definitely worth the investment of getting a professional team in.

  • Plumbing or Electrical Work

Now obviously we’re only talking about the major stuff here – most people can have an attempt at fixing a leaky tap or replacing  ceiling rose, but if it is something more comprehensive than that, which involves rerouting pipe work or rewiring electrics, then don’t do it yourself. This is definitely work for the professionals, particularly if you consider that dodgy electrics can mean your house could burn down, and poorly fitted pipework can result in a devastating flood within your property.

  • Loft or Cellar Conversion

In the current economic climate, everyone is looking to maximise the space they have in their property and if you have a loft or a cellar, then its likely that you’ve already given a passing thought to converting it into extra living space.  Extending upwards or downwardsloft conversion is never a cheap option, and because the space is already there (unlike with starting a new extension) it may be that your thoughts have wandered to the possibility of creating the transformation yourself.

This is a huge undertaking and has the potential for disaster written all over it! Additionally, without being done “properly” you may actually find that the completed project is a hindrance when you do come to sell your property, as without passing the correct regulations it will not officially be deemed an extra “room”.

  • Window Installation

Whether starting from scratch and installing a window where one hasn’t previously existed or just replacing the current windows that you have, we would always recommend getting a proper firm in.  The installation is everything when it comes to windows and you want to ensure that your house is watertight and safe.  A lifetime of drafts, leaks and condensation will be no fun and the money saved by self installation versus the time spent, will ultimately prove to be negligible.

In our next blog we’ll put together the next five of the Top Ten of Jobs To Be Done By Professionals, and these will perhaps be the less obvious ones, or at least the ones that are more divisive, with some people likely to think that they would be willing to “DIY” these projects.

If you do have a project that you think needs a professional, don’t forget that many of our clients are trade professionals and we have a wealth of contacts that we are more than happy to share from a variety of industries.  And when it comes to materials for your work, then you and your chosen trade partner can shop online at Forestrall.

You can read more from us in our timber blog here.

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