Top Ten of Jobs To Be Done By Professionals – Part Two

cp-new2Our last blog gave you the first five in our Top Ten of Jobs To Be Done By Professionals, and we promised you that this blog would contain the next five… These may be the less obvious ones, or at least the ones that are more divisive, with some people likely to think that they would be willing to “DIY” these projects.

  • Tree Removal

If there’s a tree in your garden that’s ruining your view, shedding leaves and generally no real use to man nor beast, then you may be toying with the idea of getting rid of it.  It’s fine to do it yourself if it’s more shrub than tree, but if it’s a large tree, you really need to know what you’re doing to get it to fall in the right direction.  Get it wrong and you could be in a whole world of trouble with a tree through your house, or eve3088601_765b9842n worse, your neighbours! Should you take on the task and be fortunate enough to get the tree down with no mishaps, you still have a stump to remove.  These hidden beasts can be huge, with roots that spread out as far as forty feet.  It’s no mean feat to remove the stump, and, in our humble opinion, best left to the professionals!

  • Loft Insulation

This is likely to be a controversial one, with many people quite secure in their abilities to loft rollhappily get on with insulating their loft.  However, there is more to it than just shoving gin soft loft roll!  First you need to fully understand what type of insulation to use, how much you will need and where it needs to go. If you don’t get it right, you could end up with your house poorly ventilated, overheating, and you may even get wood rot from moisture build up.  Combine that with the possibility of putting a foot through the ceiling during installation and you may come to the conclusion that it’s worth “getting a man in”.

  • Repairing / Replacing Guttering

Commercial_Box_GutterAgain, likely to be something that the man about the house will be willing to tackle, but the key factor here is the height issue… Fiddly work, done on a high ladder, with only a slightly bored friend / family member at the bottom, providing the necessary stability.  Given that the guttering system is linked to the roof, it would be foolish to start of with a small problem and through lack of experience / knowledge, end up creating a bigger problem!

  • Kitchen Installation

4254402566_f384256897_zWhether buying a pre-built kitchen or purchasing the flat pack version whereby the carcasses need to be put together, this really should be left to someone who totally knows what they’re doing.  The kitchen is the hub of the home, a place of creativity, warmth and cleanliness.  A new kitchen has the ability to transform your home and you do not want to get it wrong!  There are a variety of tasks involved to get a kitchen from purchased to finished, and for a DIY’er to expect to be an expert at all of them is an illusion.  Beyond assembling, fitting and hanging base and wall units (and ensuring they are all true and straight!), plumbing in the sink, wiring in the lighting / oven / white goods, and fitting the worktops there are all the smaller finishing touches to complete the job.  These are the painting, tiling, etc. which is perhaps where you can let the professional go and jump on board to be able to say “you did the kitchen yourself”.

  • Plastering

Now your average plasterer may not be Michelangelo but there is a lot more skill involved Plasterer_at_work_on_a_wall_arpin plastering than you may at first think! Plastering is considered by many to be an art form and rightly so, as even most professional builders and keen DIY enthusiasts will not tackle a plastering job, preferring instead to recruit a professional plasterer.  The combination of technique and a need for speed is not easy to acquire, so undoubtedly if you are looking for smooth walls, then call in a professional.

Once again, we remind you that if you do have a project that you think needs a professional, many of our clients are trade professionals and we have a wealth of contacts that we are more than happy to share from a variety of industries.  And when it comes to materials for your work, then you and your chosen trade partner can shop online at Forestrall.

You can read more from us in our timber blog here.

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