Starting To Think About Christmas Gifts For The DIY’er In Your Life?

cp-new2December is fast approaching so it’s hard to avoid those “what do you want for Christmas” conversations…. For some, Christmas is all about presents that perhaps they wouldn’t buy for themselves – the luxuries, the unusual, the smellies, the chocolates and suchlike.  However, others are more practical and do want to receive gifts that will be useful to them throughout the year and that they actually need.

Only you will be able to decide what category your loved one falls into (although be warned… Please do not ever make the mistake of buying your loved one a hoover for Christmas!  Apparently this is not a suitable gift, regardless of the type of presents they usually like!!).

We have suggestions for you, from the small to the slightly more extravagant.  They may seem simple, but often a child wants to buy a gift for mum or dad (whoever is the family DIY expert…) so the less expensive gifts may suit this need.

  1. Tape Measure – Whether cheap or expensive this item can be considered priceless!  YouMeasuring tape can never have too many as there never seems to be one around when you need one, so a handy item to have in the shed, the garage and available in the house.  Readily available, they can also be found at Forestrall, starting from just £8.04.
  2. DIY Manual – No-one knows everything and having a handy manual to fall back on can be highly valuable.  Yes, we are in the digital age now,Collins DIY Manual but nonetheless there is still something quite comforting about looking something up the old fashioned way and following written instructions, along with photographs and illustrations.  The Collins Complete DIY Manual is just one suggestion, but there are many to alternatives to choose from in your local book retailer or on Amazon.
  3. A Multi-Tool. You don’t need to be Bear Grylls to carry a multi-tool! They can be handy in any number of situations and they combine universal pliae235ers, wire cutters, saw, small knife, large knife, bottle opener, curve jaw pliers, flared screwdrivers (of varying sizes), PH screwdriver and a file.  What’s not to love?  There are many brands and variations available, although remember they can only be sold to over 18’s, so not one to send the kids out to buy!
  4. Block Plane.  In today’s power tool lifestyle, it’s easy to overlook hand tools but a block plane is a delight for any woodworkers, carpenter or DIYer.  It dates back to the Roman times, is highly versatileblock plane and there is a certain satisfaction that comes with working with a block plane.  Buy at the right level and this tool will last for generations and can be passed down to your children when they start to pick up the mantle of DIY.
  5. A Boogie Board. No, we’re not suggesting you send your DIY fanatic off for surfing lessons! This type of boogie board is an ewriter, so whereas with a traditional tablet or smartphone you have to type your notes, an ewriter allows you to write or draw in the tradboogie-board-rip-promoitional way, without having stacks of paper lying around.  You can write on it with a stylus, or just your finger!  Handy to have around during a project for quick sketches and notes.  It doesn’t save or export your scribbles, so you do have to take a picture if you want to refer back later but you can’t expect too much for under £30!

We hope that this gives you a few ideas?

We’d love to hear your suggestions or what’s on your Christmas list if you are “in the trade” or a DIY enthusiast.  Don’t hesitate to call us on 01474 444150 if we can be of assistance, or take a look at our online shop.

You can read more from us in our timber blog here.

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