Happy New Year from Forestrall!

cp-new2Wow! What a festive period that was! Already it’s the 5th of January but, despite having been working over that last couple of weeks, it feels like the first day back today.  The phones are ringing, the online orders are buzzing through and the yard is busy, all of which we like to see.

What a difference if we compare this January to last January.  Who can forget the horrendous floods followed by the gale force winds that battered much of the country.  Currently we are enjoying above average temperatures and below average precipitation, which is fantastic for those of us that go a bit stir crazy when cooped up inside as it means that the great outdoors is still accessible, whether for recreation or (more often the case!) the “jobs list”….  The temperatures in the garage and the shed are still bearable, allowing us to take sanctuary and still get on with important “stuff”!  Cabinets to be built, shelves to be sanded, units to be painted and such like….

2015 Puzzle Piece Shows New Year's Festivities And CelebrationsSo, with all the celebrations behind us, it’s time to focus on all the promises you made yourself on New Years Eve!  Are you going to be fitter, slimmer and healthier this year?  Are you going to smoke less, drink less, eat less?  Or, perhaps you’ve kept it more realistic and focussed on the practical things – I will redecorate the bedroom, I will finish all the jobs I started in 2014, I will create a beautiful decking area before the summer….

Here’s our New Years Resolution Top Three DIY Jobs…

Interior Painting

paint-vector_G1vnWevdDefinitely not a job that needs doing on an annual basis, but if you work through room by room there will always be one room that has done its couple of years and needs refreshing. It’s one of those DIY tasks that’s not essential, but it will keep your house looking its best and its amazing how a lick of paint can give a new lease of life to a room.

How Forestrall Can Help:

  • Dust Sheets – 12′ x 9′ from £12.50+VAT
  • Paint brushes – from £1.10+VAT
  • Paint brush cleaner – £3.00+VAT
  • Paint roller & tray from £6.00+VAT
  • Masking tape from £2.00+VAT
  • Sandpaper from £5.00+VAT for a pack of 5 sheets

Shed Fixing

Cottage Apex ShedYour shed needs love too! You should aim to paint your shed with preserver every couple of years. Check for any rot and replace the shed roof felt when it starts to leak.  This will definitely extend the life of your shed, whether it is just a storage unit or a beloved hidey hole.

How Forestrall Can Help:

  • Wood preserver treatment universal from £18.00+VAT
  • Solvent based timber treatment from £22.00+VAT
  • Mineral shed felt from £18.00+VAT (5m and 10m rolls available)
  • Heavy duty mineral shed felt – £50.50+VAT (10m roll)
  • Roofing felt adhesive – £13.50+VAT

You can browse a full range of shed building materials at our online shop here.

Loft Insulation

loft rollThis is a job you’ll only need to do once (unless you move!) but if you haven’t already insulated your loft then definitely put it on your January job list.  You’ll feel the benefit straight away, not only by your house feeling warmer but you’ll also see that saving on your winter energy bill.

How Forestrall Can Help:

  • Loft roll available in thicknesses of 100mm, 150mm and 200mm.
  • Insulation board available in thicknesses of 50mm, 75mm and 100mm.

For prices on our insulation products, call 01474 444150.

You can see our full range of products in our handy, downloadable PDF Price List.

You can also browse many of our products in our Online Shop.

You can read more from us in our timber blog here.

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