You’re Only As Good As….

cp-new2What do you think?  Are you only as good as your last customer review? Are testimonials important, or can you just suppress customer opinions and let each new customer find out for themselves?  Let’s face it, if someone has something bad to say then the truth will out pretty damn quickly….. Bad news travels fast.

Testimonials File Showing Recommendations And Tributes Researching the subject brings up some surprising statistics:-

  • An average online purchaser will trust a user review ten times more than a product description.
  • Sales can rise as much as 18% by the addition of a review section.
  • 61% of online shoppers read a review before making a purchase.
  • Potential customers who engage with reviews and questions are 105% more likely to make a purchase.
  • Peer reviews left by customers are trusted by others nearly 12 times more than anything written by a marketer.
  • Going from zero reviews to one good review on a product can improve conversion rates by 20%.

Social proof, as it’s known, is a really big deal nowadays. People are far more likely to trusttestimonials the opinions of other customers than manufacturers/suppliers descriptions, regardless of whether the reviewer is known to them or not.  If, by chance, the reviewer IS known to the potential purchaser, the trust level in the review rises significantly…

We have always believed that it’s important to have a testimonials page (What Our Customers Say) on our website site where we regularly update the thoughts and opinions from our customers.  We believe that every positive testimonial adds confidence to other buyers that our business is a trusted timber merchant, that is both popular and reliable.  For us, there is a large amount of pride when we’re able to share comments such as:-

“It is a great pleasure dealing with you from all your staff in reception right through to the yard and delivery personnel.”

“We rely on Forestrall to decipher our requirements and deliver them in a time efficient manner to our sites.”

“Forestrall’s “can do” attitude, knowledge and willingness to help is greatly appreciated, pricing is competitive and their team of warehouse boys are always willing to help.”

We’d love to hear your thoughts, whether on the value of testimonials generally or if you have a review of Forestrall and our products & services that we can add to our What Customers Say page…

You can read more from us in our timber blog here.

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