Are You Influenced By Trends?

cp-new2Are you a leader or a follower?  A trend setter or happy to admit that you take your influence from others? Perhaps you’re a mix of both, confident with your own ideas but equally comfortable in searching around for new ideas.

Apparently, if you opted for coral, purple or teal in your home décor in 2014, this is now heading out of the ideal design door!  As is having a solid painted feature wall, and also matching furniture.

Also, if you bought into any text based decoration, now is the time to ditch it! No more Keep Calm style wall hangings or back lit quotations for 2015.

Pc Computer Showing Surfing Internet OnlineWe’ve been taking a look across the web at some of the anticipated trends for 2015.

If you’re accessorising, then gold or copper fittings are key for bathrooms and light fittings, and think cowhide when considering pillows, rugs, blankets and potentially even artwork!  If cow prints are too animalistic for you, then the alternative if to consider a more botanical look, with floral, leaves and insect designs cited as top trends for the coming year.

Wallpaper, which seems to come and go annually, is, apparently, back for 2015. And blue is the colour, in its many hues, to choose to complement your room, whilst grey and pebble tones seem to be hanging around from the previous year as favourite wall shades.

Junk shops, vintage furniture shops, reclamation yards and charity shops will be happy in 2015 as recycling / repurposing furniture remains a hugely popular trend.  There’s definitely something to be said for a rustic table, combined with contemporary chairs, mixing the old with the new.

If you are going to lose your matching three piece suite, then move away from formal sofas and graduate towards a more versatile sectional arrangement that allows friends and family to sprawl, think casual and relaxed.

The more you search, the more “trends” you come across – from four poster beds, to driftwood as an accessory, through to putting bath tubs in bedrooms!  We’d love to hear what you’re planning for your own home or client projects in 2015, and if you’re embracing any of the new trends or sticking to simplistic interiors?

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