Are you at risk of becoming a couch potato?

computer-146330_1280On Your Feet Britain have said that by sitting at our desks for hours on end, we could be really damaging our health.

We’ve all been guilty of trying to cram in some last minute exercise to help alleviate the guilt of sitting glued to our screens all day, but hitting the gym straight after work doesn’t actually reverse the problems created by sitting still for long periods of time.

Take a look at the full story here.

Human backJust today there is another news story surrounding a similar issue, with health experts saying our sedentary lifestyles are leading to an increasing number of young people suffering with back pain.

You can read more about that here.

So things don’t look good if you work in an office or you’re a student, but surely there must be something you can do in the evening, that doesn’t involve slogging it out at the gym?

15 Ways to Burn Calories With DIY Projects – why not give yourself some evening projects that get you moving but also tick the jobs off your household “To Do” list?  A great way to keep active, use up some calories and work those muscles!

And even if you don’t need the calorie burning benefits, then perhaps there’s a more spiritual / mental benefit to DIY as well? The Courage to Screw Up: Why DIY Is Good for You and Why DIY is Good for Your Soul, Not Just Your Home.

Many of our customers will be reading this and thinking that they are quite the opposite… If you’re a tradesperson, whether a carpenter, groundworker, fence installer or similar, your day is likely to be non-stop moving, completely the other end of the scale to sedentary!  However you are then likely to be in line for back pain (or knees, elbows, wrists..) created by the work you do….

abstract-sketch-of-woman-meditating-and-doing-yoga-vector-illustration_zkp56Gu_If you do have a physical job, you should face each day as if you were about to tackle a hard gym session – stretch well, warm your muscles up and proceed with caution.  Don’t try and work in a bent or stooped position for a long time, don’t carry loads that are too heavy and if you’re working overhead, avoid reaching for long periods.

Check out some tips here Stay Healthy: Warm Up Before Work.

Forestrall logo

Here at Forestrall we have the benefit of working in an office, but we also have the timber yard onsite too, so we have plenty of space to get out and ensure that we stretch our legs during the day and don’t spend all our time cooped up behind a desk.

If you haven’t visited our yard, you can find out more about us here, and if you have decided that DIY is the new way to workout, then definitely check out our online shop to see if we stock the products you need.

You can read more from us in our timber blog here.

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