Let’s Talk Flat Roofs…

House Word Icon Shows House For SaleIf you have a flat roof, and you’ve found your “home for life” (i.e. you’re planning to stay put into your dotage) then it’s likely that at some point you will have to replace your flat roof.  In fact, you may well have to do it a couple of times.  The same thing applies if you’re planning a new extension with a flat roof…  However good your roofer is, if you’re planning to keep your house for 20-40 years, then you are going to have to replace the flat roof once or twice.

Flat roofs do have a lifespan of around 20 years, but at that point you will need to be thinking about replacing it.  You could, as an alternative, convert your flat roof to a pitched roof to prevent having to replace the flat roof years down the line, but the cost is prohibitive and doesn’t actually make financial sense.

There are a few different methods for flat roofs nowadays, and whilst felt roofs seem to have garnered a poor reputation, modern practices have greatly improved things and the three layered, torch on felt system that’s used gives a good finish, is budget friendly and durable.  Contractors offer guarantees of between ten and twenty years, which is reassuring.

Other options are rubber or fibreglass, which see a jump in cost when compared to the felt roofs but equally can see an increase in the guarantee period of up to thirty years, such is the confidence in these methods.

Whichever option you decide upon, be sure to follow the National Federation of Roofing Contractors advice, which is to consider your choice of contractor very carefully and check them out before employing them. If you employ a good reputable roofing contractor in terms of price, reliability and workmanship, the potential for problems will be greatly reduced.

cp-new2Once you have got your chosen contractor in place, make sure you refer them to Forestrall Timber and Fencing Merchants when they need to get the firring pieces cut.  (Firrings are used to create a fall on flat roofs. They are cut through the length of the timber to create a slope when laid on top of roof joists for a flat roof before being covered with OSB or ply then finally felt).  Many timber merchants need 7 to 10 days to turn around firring orders – but Forestrall don’t!  There’s milling and cutting facilities on site, so we’re able to offer a quick turnaround.  You can contact the sales team at Forestrall on 01474 444150 or sales@forestrall.co.uk.

You can read more from us in our timber blog here.

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