The Calm After The Election Storm…

cp-new2So, the election is behind us for another five years….

The result was a surprise to many, but whatever your particular stance on the Conservatives, there are a definitive list of things that we, and many our peers in similar industries, would like to see from them in the coming months and years…

We would like to see them stand firm by their promise of 200,000 new starter homes by 2020.

Whilst we’re in favour of preserving green belt land, the continual growth of the population demands a continual increase in house building, which in turn allows for businesses such as our own and that of many of our trade customers to continue to grow and thrive.

We would like to see comprehensive regeneration of our local area (Dartford).  The town has deteriorated over the years and the overall feel is a tired and unattractive town. The town centre is due to be revitalised in a £94 million regeneration project – restoring Dartford’s reputation as a major retail and leisure centre, and we would like to see that fast tracked.

We’re also keen for the development of Ebbsfleet, both the 6000+ dwellings that will make up the new Garden City and also the new Paramount Theme Park.

Let’s hope the next five years brings lots of change, with a focus on health, employment, jobs and building.  You can view the Conservative Party manifesto here.

This week we thought we would also put a manifesto together, so our customers know what they can expect from us, in much the same way as we all want to know what we can expect from the new government.


If we can assist you with your timber, fencing, decking or sleeper requirements (and don’t forget all the other products we offer from doors to floors and plenty more in between!) then do get in touch on or 01474 444150.  Our website can be viewed here and our online shop can be browsed here.

You can read more from us in our timber blog here.

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