Who says size doesn’t matter?

Sheet Material1When you’re talking about sheet materials, it totally does!

Yes, if you’re “in the trade” you can cut your sheets yourself, but if you work out the equation of time taken / money earned, then this can either prove to be a very expensive (for your customer) job or you’ll find that you’ve underestimated how long it can take as part of a job, and undervalued yourself.

Even as a DIYer, it’s likely you’ll have the tools but do you have the time?

If you haven’t got a lot of space on site or if you prefer to receive the materials completely ready to fulfil your job, then why not get all of your sheet materials pre-cut to your own specification prior to either having them delivered or collecting them from the timber yard?  We can cut to your specified size MDF, Plywood, Chipboard, Melamine Sheets, Pine Boards, Veneered Boards and other wood based sheet materials.

Forestrall Timber Merchants is fast becoming a popular place for Timber Traders needing to get their plywood/MDF cut to size fast.  We offer an unrivalled cutting service for most  sheet material.

We cut for a number of timber importers, fellow timber (and builders) merchants and roofing/partition contractors.

Whether it is full packs or odd sheets, we can help.

This service is not limited to trade customers either. We have been cutting boards for the DIYer since 1979.

By planning efficiently we can save time, excessive waste and reduce costs.

You can purchase your sheet materials from Forestrall either over the phone on 01474 444150, via email sales@forestrall.co.uk, from the yard at Bean, nr Dartford, Kent or from our online shop.

We also offer some great “pack deals” for purchasing sheet materials in bulk.  So it’s definitely worth taking a look if you are ordering 50+ sheets at a time.

This means our customers receive a ‘one stop shop’ service : quality materials, sound advice, sheets cut to size, great value and a fast turnaround, plus delivery on time, every time!

cp-new2To obtain a quotation simply send us your cutting list when you purchase your sheet materials.

We look forward to helping you to save time!

You can read more from us in our timber blog here.

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