It’s time to create a safer deck…

Anti Slip Decking NEWDecking continues to be a popular commercial solution, increasingly used in leisure and lifestyle, retail, health, public sector and landscaping.

As the weather improves and opportunities to enjoy the outdoor life increase‚ we need to take care on outdoor decking.  Whether commercial or domestic, consideration must be given to identify suitable materials to avoid slip hazards.

Slips and trips are one of the most common cause of major injuries and legal actions following such an injury can be costly.  Even though we are now in the midst of the UK summer, sudden downpours frequently occur and wooden decking can become extremely slippery.

Accident report

Reducing the risk of accidents on your wet decking will reduce the risk of an insurance claim being made against you if you are a business, and even if it’s decking in a domestic environment, no-one wants to see friends or family injured on their decking.

We have some tips for you, primarily targeted to commercial users of decking, but these are also applicable to decking areas at home (although you can perhaps dispense with the risk assessments and warning signs!).

With simple, inexpensive yet effective health and safety solutions, slipping accidents on decking can be easily avoided. Solutions such as –

  • ensuring a risk assessment has been carried out to help identify any associated hazards
  • advising members of staff to wear sensible footwear
  • displaying warning signs about the risk of slipping (where appropriate)
  • clearing leaves, litter, mud, debris and excess water from the decking surfaces
  • using a power washer to remove algae and other debris that can add to and increase the slippery conditions
  • applying yellow hazard tape or paint to identify the decked area boundary
  • use anti-slip decking
  • coating the decking with non-slip paint
  • providing suitable lighting
  • install hand rails

Why not have your deck made up in our Forestrall pattern standard deck boards but incorporate a few rows of for those areas near your doorways or into your steps.

cp-new2Forestrall Timber and Fencing Merchants supply a full range of decking products, including softwood, hardwood, composite and anti-slip decking.  We also stock decking joists, decking components and decking treatments, all of which can be purchased at our yard in Bean, near Dartford, over the phone by calling 01474 444150 or via our online store.

You can read more from us in our timber blog here.

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