So what really sells?

If you’ve been following our blog, or even if you’re new to our blog, you’ll probably have picked up (from the name alone!) that we are timber and fencing merchants.  However, if you’re not familiar with timber and fencing merchants you may not actually really know what we sell and what makes up the core of our business, so we thought we’d share some stats with you…

Percentage Sales Bar Graph

So what do we sell most of?  Above and below, you will see our Top 10, with percentage of total sales:-

  1. Joists (Structural softwood)                        24%
  2. Plywood                                                           14%
  3. Fencing                                                             8%
  4. Railway Sleepers                                            8%
  5. Hardwoods                                                      5%
  6. Decking                                                           5%
  7. MDF                                                               4%
  8. Planed Softwood                                            4%
  9. Skirting and Architrave                                 2%
  10. Ironmongery                                                2%

Structural softwoodOur “best seller” is structural softwood and you can find out more about strength grading and structurally graded timber here.  Structural timber tends to be timber that is machined for use in structural applications, such as floor joists, roof battens and studwork for partitioned walls. Structural timbers are generally machined to specific dimensions and fire or pressure treated according to their planned usage within a building.  You can read an introduction to timber as a structural material here.

1 shuttering plySecond in line is plywood.  Plywood is made by gluing together a number of thin veneers or plies of softwood or hardwood and there are always odd number of veneers, with each ply at a right angle to the one below, which gives the material its strength. The more veneers used, the stronger the plywood becomes and this ultimately determines the wealth of uses and environments that plywood can be used in.

Third, fourth and sixth; fencing, sleepers and decking are key products that we actively focus on and work hard to promote.  We have a wide range available at our yard in Bean, nr Dartford as well as selling through our online store.  In addition to this, our products can be purchased via TimberClick and Q-Deck.

shopping-150x150It’s great to see ironmongery making it in to our top ten, as not everyone knows that as well as timber we do also sell nails, screws, fixings and even tools!

If you haven’t visited us, or taken a look at our website, then do take the opportunity, as you may be surprised at what we can offer.  Our website can be viewed here and we can be reached on 01474 444150 if you’d like to call us.

You can read more from us in our timber blog here.

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