Setting Clear Boundaries….

Castle-home-springA man’s home is his castle, a sentiment that dates back to Roman times and illustrates the principle of individual privacy….

And what could be more important than our castle walls…. Which, for most of us (who don’t actually live in a castle!) this would be our perimeter fence.  The very thing that protects us from the outside world, separates us from our neighbours, keeps out those that we don’t want in…

CapturePostMixIn the past year we have supplied 2,633 bags of Post Mix Concrete from our yard in Bean. Assuming our customers have used 1.5 bags per post then that is 1,755 posts set in the ground across the South East.  That’s a fair few miles of fencing…

Fencing is a key product for us.  If you read our blog last week you will have seen that it is our third best seller, making up 8% of our total sales.  We sell fence panels, both lap fencing and closeboard fencing, as well as palisade and picket fence panels, decorative fence panels, willow hurdle panels and trellis and lattice.  Beyond this, we also supply all of the fence posts and caps, concrete posts and gravel boards, components, tools and accessories.

For clients looking for additional quality guarantees with their fencing, we have teamed up with Jackson Fencing to be able to offer beautiful fencing with a 25 year guarantee.

Dan%20Archtop%20CB-500x5001Forestrall are also the distributor for Danbury Fencing across Kent, London and the South East.  Danbury Fencing was established in 1971 and is one of the leading companies in Essex for the manufacture, supply and installation of fencing and fencing related products.  You can be confident that Danbury fencing has not only been environmentally sourced but with the 15 year guarantee they offer on their ground contact timber (as a result of the drying and treatment processes they use), it will last.

Outside of the standard fencing supplies, we have met the demand from our customers and are able to supply a range of gates and gate fixings and locks.

In addition to this, if you browse the Forestrall online store, you will also find knee rail fencing, post and rail fencing and wire fencing.

cp-new2Take a look at our blog from March 2014, where we cover a range of interesting questions that we often get asked when it comes to fencing…  Things like “who owns which fence” and “what height can my fence reach” or “can you push someone to mend a rickety fence?”.   We also have a blog from the same month, Fencing Will Never Be “Flash In The Pan”, where we take a look at the fencing industry.

If you need any help or advice, you can call us on 01474 444150 or email  Browse our online shop here.

You can read more from us in our timber blog here.

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