The importance of your thoughts…

Call it a testimonial, or feedback, or a recommendation, an evaluation or an observation… However you think of it, it’s hugely important for the team at Forestrall to know what our customers think of us.

We work hard on our marketing, but as with any business, word of mouth is a key factor is new customers coming to us, so we ensure we work even harder on our customer service! We are asking all of our customers if they feel they would recommend us to a friend, neighbour or colleague, then we’d like them to help us by turning that verbal recommendation into a written testimonial.

Testimonials from loyal customers are an essential factor in our business – they support our credibility as a leading timber merchant in the South East area, as well as denoting our level of expertise.  People like to buy from businesses they trust.  Being able to show that we have a wide range of customers, from DIYers to large construction companies, who are all able to cite positive purchasing experiences, allows us to demonstrate to potential new customers that we are a company they should feel comfortable doing business with.

It’s the age of the internet, and this has made it possible for everyone to research companies and products before they buy… And what are they looking for?  Not just a detailed product description and price, consumers also want to find out about the “experience” other customers have had.  Whether it was speaking to someone super helpful on the phone, speedy delivery or even how well a problem was dealt with, these things all impact on the perception of a new customer.  After all, who doesn’t want to deal with a friendly team, or receive their goods quickly, or even know in advance that if there are any issues, it’ll be handled in a professional and efficient manner.   These type of endorsements can be the pivotal point for new customers.

When people read the testimonials on our website, we want them to gain confidence in our products and services, and in turn feel like our company is one that they would like to buy from.

You can read more from us in our timber blog here.

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