Yes, We Are Going To Say The C Word!

download ChristmasWe’ve waited until November, so we don’t feel too bad about making our first mention of Christmas…

It is only just over 7 weeks away, so even if you are studiously avoiding the shops, you are going to have to start thinking about it soon! And from our perspective, the sooner the better…

So why is a timber and fencing merchant trying to get you to think ahead to Christmas?  No, we haven’t branched out into selling Christmas trees… We want you to start thinking about the bigger picture of Christmas.  Not just the presents and the food, but the logistics of putting on the big day.

Christmas dinnerAre the family heading to you this year?  If not for the day itself, will you be hosting on Boxing Day or New Year’s Eve?

Is your house “guest ready”? No one goes to someone else’s house as a guest and judges them on their abode, but equally, if you are opening your doors to friends and family then it is likely that you will want your home to be in tip top condition.

So we want you to be thinking about those little jobs that you can get done in the next seven weeks that we may be able to help you with…

Perhaps you’ve been meaning to hang new doors, but just haven’t got around to it?

Do you need to craft some kind of extension to the dining table to be able to accommodate all the hungry festive diners? We have a range of sheet materials ideal for this, as well as a cutting facility to create the size you need.

Are your skirtings and architraves letting your interior decor down?  We have a wide range of softwood, oak and MDF skirtings and architraves available to purchase online.

canstockphoto26138895 dining roomOr maybe your dining room could do with a complete flooring revamp?  If you’re considering solid or engineered oak flooring, then it’s definitely worth checking out the range that we offer.

And whilst we anticipate that you’re unlikely to be dining “al fresco” you may want to ensure that your decking is safe for guests and non-slip, as people do like to nip outside for a sneaky festive cigar!  And the garden is great to store the champagne when the fridge is overloaded with pigs in blankets and leftover turkey!  So why not put in a few boards of non-slip decking?

canstockphoto22971484 feet up fireIf pre-Christmas DIY jobs are not on your agenda, then perhaps we can just help you out whilst you put your feet up in front of the fire?  We offer wood fuel – hardwood logs, kindling wood and briquettes, available to purchase by the bag.

You can read more from us in our timber blog here.

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