Why everyone is hooked on cedar…

Landells Road for London Property

Western Red Cedar’s popularity continues unabated, thanks to it being naturally resistant to rot, not prone to shrinkage or swelling and lightweight and easy to fix.

Western Red Cedar is a large softwood that grows in British Columbia and some of the nearby western states of the USA.  It’s a versatile timber, commonly used for applications such as cladding, windows and joinery.

Due to its versatility, it great for outdoor sanctuaries, cutting-edge internal and external architecture and can be used in cladding, linings, joinery, windows and roofing shingles.

Natural preservatives provide resistance to fungus and insect attack, while its low density offers excellent thermal insulation qualities.

Aesthetically pleasing, Western Red Cedar offers rich and inviting colours and has a fine texture and straight grain with growth rings often visible.  It’s a durable, yet soft timber so is extremely good to work with. It cuts, machines and glues well and can also be painted, stained and polished. In fact, it takes stains beautifully to retain its lustre.

So if you’re thinking of incorporating cedar in your next project then look no further!  Forestrall Timber & Fencing Merchants supplies a variety of different cedar cladding profiles whether you are looking for a Tongue and Groove matching or Shiplap look.  See our “LT” range here.

And if your architect has specified the very popular “VT” range of cedar profiles, then you’ll be pleased to hear that we can also offer this range to the South East.  Take a look here.

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Forestrall Timber & Fencing Merchants: Bespoke machining and sheet cutting specialists to Trade and Consumer. Super-fast turnaround on all things timber. Delivery across Kent, London and the S.E. daily.


Bean (DA2) BRANCH                                             Gillingham (ME7) BRANCH

The Old Woodyard                                                      Brooke Lodge
Watling Street                                                              Hillview
Bean                                                                                Lidsing Road
Nr Dartford                                                                   Gillingham
Kent                                                                                 Kent
DA2 8AH                                                                        ME7 3NH

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You can read more from us in our timber blog here.

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