How to make “New Year, New you” more productive!

gym pic“New Year, New You”… Love it or hate it, it’s a phrase / phenomenon that has really taken off in the last few years.  Let’s face it though, it’s a marketing spin, designed to make us all feel a bit bad about any weight we’ve put on, any fitness promises that we made to ourselves and failed to keep, and generally it’s a statement that makes us all feel like our willpower and motivation died a little bit in the previous year.

So we’re moving away from the traditional “New Year, New You” hard sell but we still think there is an element of this ethos that is worth tapping into…

Sticking with the fitness side of things, the truth is you actually don’t need to join a gym, or buy a treadmill, as there are plenty of activities which will give you a good physical work out but will also have a huge impact on your home life.  So whether it’s building a new area of decking, replacing that old, worn fence or giving your garden a landscaping makeover, our challenge to you is to get outside, get the family involved and get your DIY projects underway!

Let’s change it up and make it “New Year, New House”… So, no, you don’t need to put the house on the market and move, but why not make this the year that you work through your property and tackle all those things that have been niggling you yet remain undealt with.

Grab a pen and paper, start at the front door (or even the front garden) and do a walk through of your property with your most critical mindset in place.  This will help you to create your “New Year, New House” list, and then you can break it down into the easier and harder jobs, the small tasks that you can start and finish really quickly and then the larger projects that can be planned in.

You’ll find that in no time you’ll have your spare time filled, your house looking refreshed and you’ll feel great! That’s certainly our idea of “New Year, New You”!

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You can read more from us in our timber blog here.


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