The impact of Brexit…

4000So, for many the EU Referendum was a shock result, but hopefully now the dust has settled and the social media furore has died down, we can start to think about how exiting the EU will affect all of us and our businesses.

Now we are by no means political or financial experts, so we’re not pushing our personal opinion on to you, but we thought it might be helpful to round up some stories and articles related to Brexit and our industry and the industries we serve.  It’s really just a snapshot of the information available on line, but certainly interesting to read the different perspectives…

House prices post-Brexit: What the experts are saying…

There has been a barrage of negativity on the property market since the UK voted to leave the EU last month. But beneath the noise, what do the experts think will really happen to house prices – and do they think buyers should press on regardless?

Bank of America Merrill Lynch believes the capital could see [house] prices fall ten per cent in the next year, while KPMG predicts a drop of five per cent across the country but more in London.

Read the full article from The Week here.

UK construction suffers biggest fall since 2009 as Brexit fears bite

This is a Guardian headline and they have a live feed page that is constantly updating on the stories relating to the construction industry and the impact that Brexit appears to be having.  You can take a look here.

Brexit: UK construction sector heading for ‘brick wall’ as infrastructure projects suspended

The Independent believe that the UK construction industry will slam into a “brick wall” early next year due to the massive uncertainty created by the Brexit vote.  Read their article here.

Slightly more upbeat is the article in Building Specifier, “It’s not the end of the world” – A post-Brexit construction industry.  Their article summary states that the biggest immediate threat to the construction industry following news of our departure from the EU is widespread confusion, stalling due to a feeling of insecurity and failure to act going forward. Demand remains strong as shown by reports from some of the major contractors and housebuilder’s across the UK. The construction sector remains strong but we need to keep moving and resist succumbing to hype in order to ensure it stays this way. It has to be business as usual. Keep calm and carry on!

Building’s news desk examines what the leave vote will mean for five key areas of construction which you can read here.

The vote to leave the EU has struck a mighty blow to many small businesses, but others say it has opened up opportunities. They share their stories with The Guardian Small Business Network here.

cp-new2For us here at Forestrall, it’s business as usual and whilst we will be keeping a close eye on the business as a whole and the revenue levels, our intention is to keep providing the best products and service levels to our client base and ride whatever storm Brexit brings in.


You can read more from us in our timber blog here.

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