Blue Monday – as believable as the Tooth Fairy!


Blue Monday… Today… The day of literally NO joy!

You only have to look at the headlines to have Blue Monday hammered home today –

Blue Monday 2017 could be bluest ever, says expert behind equation (The Telegraph)

You cannot buy happiness – not even on “Blue Monday” (The Guardian)

DAY OF DEPRESSION  What is Blue Monday, why is it the most depressing day of the year and how can you beat the blues? (The Sun)

Okay, we get it, or we vaguely get it.  Weather plus debt, multiplied by time since Christmas divided by the low motivational levels and squared by failing our New Years resolutions… Or something like that!  Equals a thoroughly miserable Monday!

Or so they would have us believe!

At Forestrall Timber we’re inclined to believe this is all clap trap! Actually, the weather is not bad today, it’s fairly mild for the season and the snow of last week seems to be behind us, so take that Blue Monday!

And who says we’re low on motivation and not sticking to our resolutions? We’ve seen plenty of customers, online and through our doors, since returning to work at the beginning of the month who are totally driven to complete their latest personal or client project and are fully fired up by the prospect of a new year ahead.  And for many of the general public purchasing materials, I’m sure fulfilling their DIY task list is up there as a New Years’ resolution!

It really isn’t all about who’s eaten chocolate when they said they weren’t going to, and who has only been to the gym once when they said they’d go three times a week! If you’ve said that this year, you’d really like to get your house / garden / shed in order, then that’s not a resolution that you can fail at within the first two weeks, that is a resolution that you can chip away at over the coming months and know by December 2017 that you have really achieved.

And if you’re still concerned that the “D” of the Blue Monday equation is an issue (DEBT) then don’t forget that our Winter Sale is running until the end of the month! Now is the time to get great discounts on fence posts, cladding, shiplap, felt for the shed roof, decking, wood preserver and wood treatment.

Look no further than Forestrall for all your supplies! Maidstone & Medway areas can purchase online here and further afield across the South East can purchase online here. Any questions, do give us a call on 01474 444150.

You can read more from us in our timber blog here.

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