Apart from us, who else is blogging about timber?

We eat, sleep, breathe timber and try and blog about what’s happening in the world of timber (either directly with us or more generally) at least once a month but it’s always good to check out what other timber blogs are available.  Mainly because we like to be nosy, but also it’s good to stay up to date with what the market place are talking about…

So, with the help of trusty Google, we’ve compiled a list of the top five timber blogs…

Alsford Timber Blog – coming in at number one at the moment, this timber merchants blog covers a really interesting range of topics, from the long and short term effects of Brexit through to how to lay a laminate floor.  We love this, as much like ourselves, they clearly know that their market is a mix of trade and general public and they manage to hit the right note in creating content that appeals to everyone.


Timber Trade Journal online snatch the second place spot with an industry specific selection of guest blogs, although no recent posts sadly as the most recent one was September 2016.  In all fairness, TTJ’s focus is on industry news rather than blog content, but hey TTJ – we have loads of content we’re happy to share with you if you want some guest blogs!


In third place we have English Woodlands Timber – an enjoyable, quirky blog that keeps you updated with what’s going on in their own company but also gives a great insight into some timber species and products.




UK Timber Blog is fourth on the list of timber blogs, with a range of customer projects, product and service information and general company information.  A great use of imagery in these blogs makes them really stand out a little more.



We’re delighted that Forestrall Timber & Fencing Merchants makes the list.  Fifth place at the moment, but we’re constantly looking to keep our information easily accessible to our customers and high on the search engine list!  If you’re reading this, then hopefully you’re already familiar with our blog? We’ve been blogging since 2012, so you can scroll back through the archives for a wealth of information, which we hope you will find useful, interesting, entertaining…

We’re always thinking about topics to write about, so if there’s something connected with the timber industry, or a DIY project you’d like to hear more about, then do let us know (we’re on sales@forestrall.co.uk) and we’ll see what we can come up with for you!

You can read more from us in our timber blog here.




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