Bank holiday fever…

So, we’ve had out first two Bank Holidays of the spring / summer season and we still have the May and August ones to go, so whilst the excitement levels may not exactly be at fever pitch, surely everyone relishes that extra day off?

Now you may be planning just to sit back, relax, and enjoy the sunshine… but we all know that British weather generally does not allow for sunshine on a Bank Holiday! So, we thought we’d compile a list of projects that you might like to undertake in your long weekend, all of which could potentially add value to your home but will definitely make your surroundings feel brighter and fresher.

pexels-photo-238377Spruce up your patio.  If your outside area is looking a little unloved then now is the time to pull the weeds from between your slabs, jet wash the area and put some weed killer down to prevent regrowth.

Tidy your entrance.  Without realising it, through winter and early spring, it’s very easy pexels-photo-29410to allow shrubs, bushes and small trees to run riot in your front garden and suddenly you have got used to battling your way to the front door.  A morning spent cutting back greenery from around pathways, entrance gates and fences, windows and doorways can refresh the whole front aspect of your property.

Liven things up in the bedroom.  You don’t have to go all out with a huge redecoration pexels-photo-358527project, you could choose just to add in a feature wall, which can give you a whole new realm of colour options and allow you the opportunity to add in new accessories, like throws, cushions, candles etc.  Here’s some great feature wall ideas from Ideal Home – we particularly love their timber ideas!

Have a little touch up.  Why not take a look, pexels-photo-260046room to room, and assess all the scuffs and marks, and then, where possible (assuming you still know the paint colour!) you could go round and touch up everything that looks a bit worn or tired.  You’ll be amazed at what a difference this can make to the appearance of your rooms.


Sweat the small stuff.  Sometimes the smallest of things can make a difference – light switch covers, plug socket covers, light cords in bathrooms – these don’t always have to be boring bland white plastic! Swapping these for more interesting options – stainless steel, black, wood effect etc. will make a really effective update to any room.

pexels-photo-342800Make it bigger.  If you’re feeling a little cramped then you can definitely make your room feel bigger, even if you can’t actually make it any bigger! The addition of mirrors can create a fabulous optical illusion that makes any space suddenly feel lighter, brighter, airier and actually bigger.  Houzz have an article with some great suggestions for the use of mirrors.


Freshen it up.  You can add an instant update to your bathroom just by changing the toilet seat! There’s a huge range of designs available now with a wealth of colours, sparkles, patterns and as with the feature wall idea, with this simple update you can then refresh your accessories and update your bath mat, towels, candles etc.

So these are just a few of our ideas, and we’d love to hear what you’ve got planned?

Remember, if you need any help with supplies, you will find us here and you can reach us on 01474 444150 or 01634 624962.

You can read more from us in our timber blog here.





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